Living and growing up on a council estate



“People never make it from council estates” WRONG. “People from council estates are scum” HELLA NO. “They’re all on the dole and do nothing for themselves” YAWN. People tend to judge and make assumptions as soon as you mention you come from a council estate. A lot of you who read my blog or follow me on Instagram probably didn’t have a clue I come from a council estate because I don’t look like the stereotypical chavy girl wearing crop tops with track suit bottoms and my hair in a side pony (however, believe me I did go through this stage at one point growing up haha). I used to be so embarrassed to tell people where I come from when they asked because I instantly thought they would have thought less of me and yes I have had some people turn up their nose at me but that instantly made me think a lot less of them as a person. I don’t care anymore, I love where I come from, I’m not ashamed of it and it’s made me who I am today. Real. I appreciate things more and I’ve always had a lot of empathy for others since being a small child. I know what it’s like to have no money and grow up in the shit and I know how that feels for others going through the same thing. We take care of our own. My estate may not be pretty, it definitely has that grey concrete look everywhere, dingy alley ways and graffiti on every wall but there is a part of me that will always love that. It’s my home.


For those who always think we sit on our arse all day this is also not true. I’m going to tell you a little bit about my Dad, someone who is truly amazing and I don’t tell him this enough. My dad worked since he was 16 years old and had to give up his second job to look after 6 kids. When my Mum died, he basically became our Mum and Dad all in one. He washed, cooked, cleaned, fed us, took us to school on time every morning, picked us back up and over all just made sure we had everything we needed to help us get through a dark time. I developed a lot of anxiety at a young age which gradually got worse in my teens and still to this day I struggle with it now. Being at college and having anxiety basically got in the way of me getting a job, and I really needed a job. Anxiety literally takes any energy and motivation out of you and it would make me feel so shit when people would call me ‘lazy’ never understanding. I got my first job when I was 19 after going through another rough patch because I wanted to prove to myself that I could work even if it was a struggle for me. There are so many things I am proud of and achieved which I never thought I would. My anxiety is a lot more under control and I’m able to enjoy my life so much more. I got into uni! (possibly the first person on my estate to go to uni) and I am so so so proud of my blog. Something I wanted to start a verrrrrrrrry long time ago but had too many anxieties about it. But here I am, with a forever growing following and people who actually love to read my blog. I have met so many lovely people who I can call my friends through this blog and I’m so happy I kicked my lil butt to start this little page.


Can I just say, It’s not all that bad living on a council estate y’know. I don’t want you to have a picture in your head of me working in the coal mine haha. My fondest memories were going to Wales every year with the family, being beside the sea with candy floss and ice cream and going to the fair. I remember going on my first holiday abroad and thinking ‘this is just like Wales but for posh people’ LOL it was only Benidorm. I remember playing out on the estate with the other kids who just understood me, making up dance routines to the Spice Girls and waiting for my Nan to come round so I could show her whilst she drank a Yorkshire tea and buying the girls weekly gossip mag just so I could have the free lip gloss that came with it. There was so much fun and the kids I played with I can still call my friends today. I may not see them a lot and we may be into completely different things but they are always there whenever I need them and that is true friendship.


Coat – Primark (similar) | Glasses – Depop (similar) | Band Tee – Forever 21 | Denim Flares – Forever 21

Luckily my Dad has cool music taste so I didn’t grow up listening to chav rave music. I grew up listening to The Clash, Sex Pistols, Human League, David Bowie, Rolling Stones which are all my favourite bands still today. Growing up listening to that music was the reason why I also had an interest in fashion, I didn’t want to dress like everybody else I wanted to look different. I didn’t want to have a baby at the age of 16 and be stuck at home on the estate and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but I wanted to see what was out there in the real world. I wanted to go to gigs and festivals and meet other people who wanted to do the same thing. I do get some funny looks when walking around my estate now, they look at me as if I come from other planet, probably because I’m wearing something they would never dream of wearing. But I still NEVER feel intimidated walking past a gang of lads because deep down I’m still the same old lil Starr who once used to hang around with those lads. It’s nice to see them sometimes and be greeted with “Alright Starr!” instead of an intimidated look. Some of them doing well with a job and car etc and some of them not doing so well but we all come from the same place and like I said, we take care of our own.

This post was a little bit more personal than the usual and I was a bit worried about sharing this with you but I just wanted to give you the idea that not everyone from a council estate is a piece of poo. Have faith in us! People expect nothing from us and this is why some of us end up staying in the same old place forever.

All ma love to ya,




New Year, just a little different me.



Hello strangers! sorry that I disappeared for a while. Today’s post is going to be a pretty delayed new years post and a pretty long one so grab a cuppa! I started the new year with a nasty cold and on top of that a hangover (new year, same old me lol). I’ve also been building my own website for something exciting which I’ll talk about later. So yeah, they are some of the reasons to why I’ve been missing lately. Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely new year and well done to those who are sticking to new years resolutions, even if it is only the 8th of January. To those who are having the January blues and don’t really have any resolutions, not to worry!! It’s quite normal for some people to feel down in the dumps and hopeless when it comes to a new year. 

Saying goodbye to Summer

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Summer is over and I definitely have the blues! Although Manchester is being kind and gifting us with that extra little bit of sunshine lately! I’m definitely a summer gal at heart but I can say I’m excited for big coats and layers. I’ll miss the pale denims, florals, flowing dresses and the occasional ugly sandal but it’s time to say goodbye and put them to the back of my wardrobe for next year. This summer has been a good’n! Festival season is always a winner because you get to sit in a field drinking beers and watching your favourite bands with your favourite people. I have also had amazing opportunities collaborating with brands and to watch my blog and followers grow so much in a short amount of time means a lot to me.




So, this is probably the last summery outfit you will see on my blog until the sunshine greets us with it’s presence again. Let’s start with the culottes. Culottes were massive this summer and they came in a variety of different styles from metallic pleats to light wash denim. These babies are originally from Zara but I found them on for well, 5 pounds! I was so happy with this bargain as they are a good quality denim and they fit like a glove (I clearly haven’t used an iron again lolol) Pale denim goes very well with floral prints so I decided to pair them with a yellow floral high neck top which will also look cute under a mustard or brown Pinafore for Autumn/Winter!




Jacket – Boohoo | Top – Primark | Culottes – Zara | Bag – Primark | Shoes – New Look

 The rust suede tassel jacket goes so well against the yellow florals. However, I have had the jacket for a while now and it’s definitely been worn to death. The tassels are a little tangled and matted so I think it’s time to ditch it and upgrade for a much warmer one for the winter. The bag I absolutely love! The suede patchwork gives you them 70’s feels and the colours will take me right through to Autumn too (p.s it’s a Primark bargain so grab it before it’s gone!). To finish off my look I wore a pair of white pumps because white shoes go with any summer outfit right?

S x

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Alesha Dixon for Little Black Dress

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Hey guys! How are ya? Today I’m sharing a collaboration with  Alesha Dixon | Little black dress (even though it’s not actually a dress) but you know what I mean. Follow their Twitter and Instagram page @teamlbd for a chance to win a dress from the Little Black Dress collection!

It’s a lovely little piece! It has a cut out arm detail which I really like about the jumpsuit because it gives you that subtle detail and it doesn’t give away too much. The low neck line is also very flattering (maybe not as much on my little size A’s). The jumpsuit can be easily dressed up or down. You could wear it to the office with a flat shoe and subtle belt, sneakers if it’s coffee and catch up day or some heels and a clutch for a date night/night on the town with the girls!

Unfortunately they didn’t have my size so I had to improvise! Which meant rolling up the the bottom of the leg five times, Yep. FIVE Times!! #smallpeopleprobs and then using a small belt of mine as the original belt didn’t fit my teeny waist! I hope it doesn’t look too bad as I did tried my best to tweak the outfit.

I styled the jumpsuit with a western style belt, a pointed shoe and a delicate choker. I think the way I have styled it gives it that kind of 90s grunge twist but with a pinch of feminin still in there. The shoes I absolutely adore! I had a magpie moment when I was walking through Primark… I could see their beautiful shine in the corner of my eye and for just £12 I couldn’t resist!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Starr x

Jumpsuit – Alesha Dixon LBD | Belt – Boohoo | Shoes – Primark (similar here) | Choker – Depop

The White Pepper SS16 | Daring double denim

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Good Morning! I hope your coffee is strong and that your Thursday morning isn’t too gloomy, hang in there! it’s nearly Friday! When I was asked to pick a few items from the The White Pepper SS16 collection this jacket was the first thing that caught my eye. If it’s denim and frilly then I want it! It also has these cute little patches on the back that are just adorable and give the jacket some quirkiness to it. The jacket can be worn as a jacket (of course) but also has shirty vibes when closed, as seen in the pictures above.

I styled the jacket with a pair of Levi denim flares. DUN DUNN DUNNNN… I know, i’ve gone and dared the double denim! Something I have never done before and to be fair I think I did ok right? I don’t even know the rules when it comes to double denim because it’s never been something that I’ve wanted to experiment with but my aim was to avoid looking like a middle aged mum so I went for a pair of jeans that were a similar shade to the jacket. To finish my look off I wore a fedora hat with a pointed boot for a western twist and a vibrant yellow bag for a pop of colour!

Hat – Ebay | Jacket – The White Pepper | White Shirt – The White Pepper | Bag – Primark | Levi Jeans – Cow Vintage | Boots – Zara

See you on the next post for outfit No.2!

S x

Pajama Party!



The pajama trend is back and even better for SS16. Its been all over the catwalks again and this time it really caught my eye, I really love the matching pieces with the vibrant colours and busy patterns.

Today I’m going to show you my own take on the pajama trend and also show you how I styled the pieces separately for those who are not ready to take on the full pajama look yet!



Two piece – Zara / Coat – Topshop / Shoes – Boohoo

Am I going to a pajama party or a day out shopping? who knows?.. Even if they was a pair of pajama’s they would be the cutest pair of PJ’s evaaa! Or a ‘onesie’ as my ex referred to my outfit as. I got this two piece from the Zara sale a few months ago and how aaaaaaamaaaaazing was the Zara sale!? How did it last so long with so many gems still going strong? (That rhyme wasn’t planned) I can’t remember how much I got this two piece for but it was roughly around the £20 mark and I feel like a little spring lamb leaping over daffodils every time I wear it. If that makes any sense, probably not. I just love the pale mustard and pink together and the material is really thick and chunky. I paired it with a little red cropped jacket because I thought the red went really well against the print on the two piece so I put on a red lippy too! also I didn’t want to wear a big frumpy coat because this two piece is too gorgeous to hide! This jacket is from Topshop many many years ago and was actually passed down to me from a family member. If you look closely it has a really subtle paisley pattern on it and a big 60’s style collar. How cute? To finish my look off I added some tan patent platforms from Boohoo which I thought went really well against the colours too. Oh god, I really need to stop rhyming.

As a matching set it looks really lovely but also looks great when worn with simple/plain pieces. So I played around and styled my two piece separately. The first Image I styled the pants with a mustard jumper from H&M which I thought matched perfectly, a yellow contrast bag and some black loafers from Monki to separate the colours so I didn’t look like a human banana!

The second image I styled the top with a white high neck T underneath to give it some 60’s lovin, cropped wide leg jeans and maroon desert boots.

SC x

Jumper – H&M / Bag – Primark / Shoes – Monki


White high neck T – Primark / Jeans – Charity shop / Shoes – Pop Boutique





Hat – Ebay/ Skinny scarf – Boohoo/ Shirt – Ebay/ Flares – ASOS/ Boots – Boohoo/Coat – Vintage

Hello, it’s me! How is it Monday again already wahh 😦 I had such a lovely weekend with the most amazing people! It was really lovely bumping into old friends and getting to know others that I don’t know so well. My weekend was full of dancing, singing, laughing and lots of alcohol, which I needed as I was feeling a little crappy this weekend. I’m still feeling the effects of Saturday now. Like, why do I have the hangovers of a 50 year old man? I’m still a baby, surely I should have a super human body.

Firstly i’m reallllllly sorry for like wearing this coat on most of my blog posts, I do own other coats I promise. It’s the only coat that actually keeps me warm!! and it was absolutely freezing that day. You know them coats that look all fury and cosy and you try it on and it doesn’t even keep you warm? This is why I have trust issues with coats and usually just stick with the one I know best (bit like when I choose boys, sorry) Anyway, today I’ve gone all monochrome on ya which is unusual for me as I like to have a lot of colour in my outfits and don’t tend to be all matchy matchy.

Starting with this black and white star print shirt. I got this shirt off ebay for £4! and it looks lovely right? (also matches my name hehehe) but don’t be fooled! It took at least a month to be delivered which didn’t surprise me in the slightest as it’s from China but after 10 minutes of wearing it the buttons were starting to fall off and the material is so so thin. I know things are cheaply made in China but I didn’t expect the shirt to give up on me that quick! Luckily it lasted through the shoot which was what I needed. But like I said it still looks good right? so at least there is one positive.

I styled the shirt with my black high waisted flares from ASOS which I loved and talked about on previous posts. I just love how they elongate my teeny weeny lil legs. Sticking with the monochrome theme I chose a black skinny scarf and fedora hat for accessories, black pointed suede boots a sheepskin coat. It’s so hard to tell you what I like about my outfit when it’s just black and white as I’m so used to describing the colours and details of my outfits so i’m terribly sorry if this post is a little bland BUT there is still a hint of 70’s in there which is always a YES from me! 🙂


SC x

70’s Italian Knit



Hat – Vintage/ Top – The Magpies Den/ Jeans – Charity shop/ Shoes – Primark

Hey bae! can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing and fluffy and cute and sassy and pretty my cat is. I’m gonna leave it right there because if we start talking about cats I won’t ever stop, seriously.

I want to keep my blog up to date starting from today as I feel I keep abandoning it a little. I have been busy this month and things have been getting in the way, but I’m backkkkk and back for good.

Ok so last week I was kindly sent some gorgeous vintage goodies from The Magpies Den Boutique  you can also find their Instagram page here  I absolutely adore every piece that was sent to me but there’s always a favourite right? I picked the item which I most thought would suit my style so I chose this 70’s Italian Knit.

I looove love love this ❤ Purely because it has flared sleeves and a tie, the ultimate 70’s style! I think that the little detail and contrast colour makes it so appealing, like they say less is more. I styled my knit with a pair of denim jeans that I found in the charity shop which I cut and frayed myself. I tried them on and they fit me perfectly apart from the length, a usual struggle for me being only 5ft 3. So I bought them anyway for just £3! and cut them into a cropped pair of jeans. Sticking with the 70’s theme I wore my 70’s style tan platforms and my black leather breton cap which every time I wear I feel like a postman/police officer/sailor/train conductor/John Lennon haha! And that’s how I styled my top! very quick post today but hope ya like! and be sure to check out The Magpies Den page they have some amaaaaaazing gems on there!

See you on the next one ❤

SC x

Boohoo Galore


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Hey guyssssss! How are ya? I’m still in a food coma from eating excessive amounts of ice cream when I got in last night whilst watching Bridget Jones’s Diary.. On my own.. This was my first valentines in a while that I had spent by myself *cries* – joking! who needs boys when I’ve got myself? #gurlpower It’s a good job I love my own company a little bit too much. However I did go for a meal in the evening with a lovely friend of mine which was really sweet but to those who spent the day with lovers I hope your day was filled with love and happiness!

ANYWAYYYY moving on from the soppy stuff, today’s post is all about Boohoo because lately it’s seriously winning my heart. Boohoo has upped their game massively the past year or so. I found myself steering away from Boohoo in the past as it used to be full of body con dresses and tacky heels (sorry boohoo) but it just wasn’t my style! Oh but now its full of treasures at amazing prices! They have sooo many seventies style clothes that I’ve had to stop myself actually going onto the website because my bank balance goes to £0.00 in minutes AND they even have free delivery after 9pm! Boohoo I love you and Happy Valentines from me ❤

Ok so a few weeks ago I ended up spending most of my evening on Boohoo sifting through the sales, I had found so many bargains that I just couldn’t resist. I have decided to show you an outfit that I put together with some of the pieces I had bought.



Taa daaaaa! minus the bag and coat I got this outfit for around £25, how amazing!? Thank god for sales. Starting with my absolute favourite piece of this outfit, the jumper! I was so lucky as there was only a few left and with only a medium size, so I decided to take a risk for this gem and buy it anyway and it fits perfectly! This jumper just screams the 70’s in my face, the colour and pattern remind me of a 70’s curtain that my Nan probably would of had in her living room back in the 70’s. I love how it can be worn as a T shirt for cooler days or layered underneath for the colder days, basically it’s not too thin or too thick! What I also love about this jumper is that it goes with mostly everything!! wear it with a mini or midi skirt, a pinafore,  skinny/mom/loose fit/flared/cropped jeans (basically any style of jeans) or even throw on a pair of dungarees on top. Then you are a 70’s style queen ready to go without the effort!

I paired my jumper with some brown petite corduroy flares. I got these for £10 which is an amazing bargain and they do look lovely but when they arrived I saw that the cord wasn’t as stiff and as textured as I wanted it to be and after trying them on I was even more disappointed. The fit was terrible. Partly it was my fault for thinking I was Kate Moss and ordering a size UK 4 but then I did order the next size up (UK 6) which is my usual size and I still wasn’t happy with the fit. As you can see on the pictures the leg is a bit too short and they are also a little too tight around my thighs so the material started to gather and crease. So if you do decide to buy these flares I recommend you buy the next size up. Apart from the fit they are a really gorgeous pair of trousers and i’ll definitely be keeping them. You can buy these flares over at my Depop

Boots boots boots! my collection of pointy heeled boots is getting a bit out of hand now. I already had a pair of black pointy boots so why did I need another? BECAUSE THEY ARE SUEDE! (and cheap) that’s why. Suede, pointy, black and heeled? now that’s my thang. Because they are black you can literally wear these boots with anything and they are super comfy! I’s a big thumbs up from me Boohoo 🙂

I added the sheepskin coat and bag because I thought they matched really nicely with the 70’s vibes. For accessories I wore a gorgeous bohemian necklace from Mobs and Monsters, you can find their shop here. They kindly enough sent me some goodies to model and I am so happy with them! I feel i’m in dreamy bohemian necklace heaven every time I wear them.


That’s it for today my lovers, hope you enjoy.

See you on the next post.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Starr x

Casual day to day wear



Hiiiiii! Can I just apologies for doing a really serious resting bitch face on most of these pictures.. the sun was literally beaming into my eyes and it didn’t help being on top of a building on a very windy day. Anyway moving on, how is it Monday again already? weekends seriously need to stop flying by. I quite like my Mondays, well purely just because it’s my day off and I get to lazy around writing blog posts from my bed (currently eating toasted cheese bagels and spooning my cat)

Today’s post is really quick and simple as i’d like to show you one of my casual day to day go outfits. I have wore my vintage Levi flared jeans from COW simply because they are super comfy and are a petite size which means I don’t have to wear a big heeled shoe/boot with them. I paired them with my Primark blouse which I absolutely adore the delicate neck detail on this one and my Topshop leopard boots which I have already explained how amazing they are in one of my recent posts! To finish my look off I have added a pop of colour with this over the shoulder bag which makes me feel like Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom every time I wear it! I also added a sheepskin coat because it was a bit chillllehhh! I got this coat from a vintage stall at Leeds festival 2015, it was the last day and they was trying to get rid of all the coats and I managed to grab it for a tenner! Bloody bargain!

Hope you enjoyed me sharing my day to day outfit with you, see you on the next post!

Starr x