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Ello, hope you all had a fab Halloween! Who’s eating the left over trick or treaters sweets because I am definitely am haha. Todays post is a little collaboration post with Nobody’s Child. Nobody’s Child is London based brand that has the latest trends at affordable prices. I had never heard of this brand before until they contacted me about sending me some goodies and I’m so glad they did! When I went onto the website I instantly fell in love, there was too many beautiful things to pick from. I had to send the links of different items back to them so they could help me choose oops! On the website you can find anything from metallic playsuits to velvet dresses, floral culottes to star print blouses and satin camis to a plain grey T. You want it they’ve got it.


Two of the pieces I got my hands on were this black mini pinafore and roll neck top which the colours are so lovely on! They both go really well together as styled on the website. The coloured roll neck gives the all back outfit a pop of colour and cosiness but still leaves the black pinafore to do the talking.


Roll Neck – Nobody’s Child | Pinafore – Nobody’s Child | Bag – Primark | Shoes – Dr Martens

To keep the outfit’s simplicity I threw on some tights, mini bag and those good ol’ Dr Martens!

See you on next one

Starr x

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L’Oreal 6.45 Brooklyn Intense Copper Auburn


Review time..



Hello lovelies! Ok so today I am reviewing the L’Oreal 6.45 hair dye in intense copper auburn. I have been almost every hair colour under the sun but I have never tried auburn! so I wanted to try something new and plus its a really autumn/wintery colour which fits with this season!

Summer 2014 I had silver hair (I have added some pictures below) but it was a pain in the bum to maintain!! It meant lots of bleaching and toning which left my hair really brittle. I got fed up of keeping on top of it so I just let it grow out which left me with an Ombre kind of effect which I really liked for a while but I needed something to give me a new healthier and vibrant look for the colder months.

Silver mop! I do miss it! Kinda..

Now onto the box dye.. I was really nervous in trying out a new colour again because home hair dyes ALWAYS seem to end up a DISASTER! I prefer L’Oreal Preference hair box dyes to any other brand because the products seem to look and feel more professional, even the gloves! It comes with a developer cream, colourant gel, high shine elixir, gloves and a conditioner. They are not stingy on the condition either like most hair dyes!


I followed the instruction leaflet given in the box and added all the mixtures together. It tells you to apply the mixture onto damp hair but I put it straight onto dry clean hair simply because of the faff of it all. However it didn’t effect how the colour developed on my hair. I started applying the mixture onto the ends of my hair first, as the ends of my hair were much lighter than my roots. I know, complete opposite of what I am suppose to do but who said following the rules was fun ey? no wonder my hair always end up a disaster. Then I started to apply the mixture to the rest of my hair and then to my roots. After applying all of the mixture I left the dye to develop for 30 minutes as it says on the instruction leaflet.


oh so sexy.. I managed to not get dye on my hairline or face GENIUS!


This how my hair looked a few hours before buying the hair dye




Taaa Daaa!! I bloody love it. It’s not the exact same colour as the model on the box but it’s near enough! the only down side is that you can only see the gingery/auburn tones when out in the light, otherwise it just looks like a kind of mahogany brown. But I can live with that! I think the colour took well to my hair because the ends of my hair was very light and my roots were a natural mousey brown. However I wouldn’t recommended this to people with dark brown to black hair as I’m guessing the auburn tones wont take to the dark hair. The hair colour has left my hair feeling super soft and shiny which is a bonus! It’s a thumbs up from me L’Oreal!

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