“What is your personal style?”


32219181733What is your personal style? A question I get asked a lot in interviews and a question I can never fully answer. When I think about this question, something comes to mind that I don’t actually have a personal style and to be honest I’ve never had one. Ever since I got into fashion I never wanted to dress the exact same as someone else, I never had a fixed style. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always had my style icons, Debbie Harry, Anna Karina, Alexa Chung etc.. but they’re just celebs that I look to for outfit inspo if I’m feeling uninspired. I would pick parts of Debbie Harry’s style but then I would also pick parts of somebody elses style and then put my own twist on it. I still do that today, but now I’m dressing more for me, rather than dressing to just look ‘cool’ or ‘ vintage’. I dress in clothes that flatter my figure and that make me look like the best ME. I know what doesn’t look good on me and what does, I think that’s the most important thing when it come to fashion. I’m a teeny 5’2 and a half (haha I had to add that half in) which means I know to wear skirts and dresses that come above the knee to elongate my legs. I can’t wear those dreamy bohemian maxi dresses because I literally look like I’m wearing a potato sack that is trailing along the floor collecting up dust. I don’t do too well with some cropped jeans because I feel they cut my legs off even more. However kick flares are a god send!! and booties above the ankle are an absolute no go for me! #cankle probs.


All the stripes



Hey! just a quick one because I am currently bed bound right now with a nasty throat infection *cries* I just want to show you one of my casual outfits that I would wear whether it’s a lazy day at home, college days or a coffee with the girls (I don’t actually drink coffee but coffee just sounds better doesn’t it?)

 I have gone for the casual mom jean paired with black converse, striped T, red neckerchief and a black faux leather for some bad ass French vibes.

Jeans – Topshop / Shoes – Converse / T-shirt – Primark / Jacket – Primark / Neckerchief – Ebay

Very short post today but hope you enjoy!

Starr x

All about the Beret



Oh hey! How are ya? I feel like there should be an Eiffel Tower behind me but nope just rainy manc! and March why are you so cold? This always happens doesn’t it? We pray to wake up to snow and Christmas day but we are given nothing but rain or the odd bit of sun! Then February and March come and BAM! snow everywhere!! Like seriously c’mon March I’m ready for spring now.. I’m sick of wearing the same old jumper and jeans combo.

Todays outfit is.. well, a little red.. I’ve been obsessed with red lately and I love how it stands out against the duller shades and gives you that pop of colour. The cord jacket I found in a charity shop, its about 3 sizes big but I had to get it because I instantly fell in love ❤ Also I kinda like to wear my coats/jackets oversized. I teamed it with a red lip and beret. I love this beret, at first I went for the black one and had a good stare in the mirror for 10 minutes (ok maybe not that long) but then I decided to give the red beret a try as I wanted to experiment rather than wearing the usual plain black hats AND I’m so glad I did! It’s such a cute little number and adds that little bit of French girl look to any outfit.

The faux snake skin bag I’ve only worn around twice as I only bought it for a festival because I needed a smallish kind of bag to carry my things around. However when I got home I neglected her for a while as I didn’t think she matched with most of my outfits but now she’s back! I don’t know how long for… but at least she’s back. I really need to stop referring items as people.

The top (which is actually a dress) is a really lovely ribbed knit which I tuck into skirts or jeans to wear as a top instead. It has long sleeves with a slight high neck and its supaaaa comfy! With the knit I wore my favourite pair of jeans, The cropped kick flare! They really don’t look like kick flares here because I forgot to iron them before I left the house as you can tell, oops. (Thanks Dad for not telling me I had creased pants!!) These jeans are the best fit I’ve had in a while. Not too big on the waist, not too long on the leg and not too baggy on the bum! a common problem for me when trying to find the perfect jeans because I’m a teeny 5’3 with a 24 inch waist. I still convince myself that I’m going to grow taller but lets be realistic, that’s not going to happen now 😦 To finish my look I wore a printed scarf and suede, black pointy boots which seem to be appearing on every blog post lately!

Beret – Pop Boutique / Jacket – Charity shop, originally Topshop / Ribbed Knit – Primark / Jeans – Topshop / Bag – Primark / Boots – Boohoo / Scarf – Primark

See you on the next one.

SC x

Casual day to day wear



Hiiiiii! Can I just apologies for doing a really serious resting bitch face on most of these pictures.. the sun was literally beaming into my eyes and it didn’t help being on top of a building on a very windy day. Anyway moving on, how is it Monday again already? weekends seriously need to stop flying by. I quite like my Mondays, well purely just because it’s my day off and I get to lazy around writing blog posts from my bed (currently eating toasted cheese bagels and spooning my cat)

Today’s post is really quick and simple as i’d like to show you one of my casual day to day go outfits. I have wore my vintage Levi flared jeans from COW simply because they are super comfy and are a petite size which means I don’t have to wear a big heeled shoe/boot with them. I paired them with my Primark blouse which I absolutely adore the delicate neck detail on this one and my Topshop leopard boots which I have already explained how amazing they are in one of my recent posts! To finish my look off I have added a pop of colour with this over the shoulder bag which makes me feel like Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom every time I wear it! I also added a sheepskin coat because it was a bit chillllehhh! I got this coat from a vintage stall at Leeds festival 2015, it was the last day and they was trying to get rid of all the coats and I managed to grab it for a tenner! Bloody bargain!

Hope you enjoyed me sharing my day to day outfit with you, see you on the next post!

Starr x






Fred Perry Brand Ambassador


Annual Traditions

Hello Hello! I feel like I have really neglected my blog this month so I thought I would do a quick blog post featuring my new Fred Perry shirt!

 I was delighted to be asked to take part in the new Fred Perry project #AnnualTraditions. I was asked to put up some of my favourite annual tradition images onto social media using the hash tags #AnnualTraditions #FPAmbassador (You can see some of my annual traditions below) Fred Perry would then use everyone’s images to create little annual tradition clips ‘Always different, Always the same’ with Vicky McClure being the voice over.

As a gift in return Fred Perry sent me one of The Lists Fred Perry polo shirts. I really love the colours on this one, the blue and maroon colours look lovely together.

My Annual Traditions

To see more annual tradition images type in the hash tags #AnnualTraditions #FPAmbassador into your preferred social media site or go to the Fred Perry’s original Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account.

Styling My Fred Perry

With my Fred Perry polo I paired my Topshop cropped kick flare jeans. These jeans are honestly one of the best pairs of jeans I have ever owned. Us girls know the struggle of finding the perfect fit jeans right? Too big on the waist, leg length too long, too baggy on the butt.. but my gosh as soon as I tried these baby’s on I knew straight away it was a match made in moto jean heaven!

I also wore my M&S faux snake skin boots, these boots were limited edition and unfortunately sold out before I could grab my hands on them! A few weeks later I saw them for sale on depop in my size.. I knew right at that moment.. it was fait.

The jeans give the outfit that ‘This is England’ skin head vibe whilst the snake skin boots give the outfit a twist of mod.




MOC CROC BAG – ex boyfriend’s grandma’s (sorry not sorry)


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