10 things I (wouldn’t) want to live without


Hey hey! I wanted to create a quick and fun post so I decided to do a post on things I (wouldn’t) want to live without. I put ‘wouldn’t’ in brackets because I’ve seen posts before on ‘Things I couldn’t live without’ and when I was planning this post, which was originally going to be ’10 things I couldn’t live without’ I realised that most of my answers, realistically, I could 100% live without. Lets be honest, It’s clear that I won’t survive without water but I definitely could survive without pizza (even though that would be a miserable life) So, here’s my 10! 

Pen and paper – There’s something so old school about pen and paper! In a world focused around phones and technology, there’s something that excites me about pen and paper. It takes seconds to send a text to a friend/loved one but a hand written letter is the best gift you could ever receive. Postcards, hand written to do lists, paper diary’s and calendars! (pls never get rid of these precious things)

My Cat – An absolute obvious one! you know how much I love my cats. Cats are the best company (when they want to be haha) and they are just the cutest little fur babies!! I could write some more about cats but it’s probably best that I don’t, because once I start I wont stop…

My gold cat necklace – I told you I wouldn’t stop! My best friend bought me a cat necklace for my 21st birthday and I’ve had it on ever since. If I forget to put it on I feel completely naked!! like I may as well not be wearing any knickers.


Festive On Film



Eeeelaaar! Hope you’re all well. I’m trying keep up with doing at least 2 blog posts a week from now on as I’ve got a lot of free time at the minute and like I had mentioned in a previous post, my blog is something I really want to focus on whilst I take a year out from uni. If I’m honest, I started my blog halfheartedly but it’s become something much more meaningful to me and I love having this space to write and share my outfits with you. One of my favourite parts of blogging is collaborating with other photographers. I love the whole concept of finding new locations, meeting new people and trying new things out, shooting on film for example! 

Archive by Alexa | The Albion Shirt



Good Morning you lot! I thought I would write-up a little morning blog post for you whilst I’m chilling with a cuppa. So, we all know the second Alexa Chung collection came out not so long ago and I thought I would treat myself this time around. I bought two lovely pieces from the collection, one being this shirt and The Lovell Blouse which I’ll be doing a post on also! The Albion shirt was the one that caught my eye first. The Oriental print is seen everywhere this season and I can’t resist those satin blossom prints, oh so dreamy. I really like the classiness of Oriental prints and I think they can look very elegant when worn correctly.

Pillar box Red 

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Hiiiii friends, strangers, lovers and animals! It’s nice to be back after having a little break from Instagram and blogging. Sometimes we get trapped into this circle of always trying to please people and feeling like we have to upload everything that’s happening in our lives (I’m guilty for this since I’ve become a blogger) but I can tell you I have never felt more refreshed after taking a 5 day break from social media. Last weekend I went to a festival with some lovely friends and I didn’t have any signal on my phone to check my Emails, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and YouTube! That’s a hella lot of checking! But I was glad. Not being able to check my phone made me appreciate the present moment, something I haven’t done for a while. I was enjoying sitting around in the campsite without having my head stuck in my phone and being able to watch bands without filming the whole bloody gig! I returned home feeling a lot more positive and I still didn’t feel like I had to check social media straight away, I was just happy to see my dad AND my cat of course! However, there’s always a downside isn’t there? I’ve only gone and brought a chest infection back with me so whilst I’m bed bound not able to do anything else, I thought I would share these lovely shots with you taken by Arthur Yushi. You can check out some of his amazing work here.


This dress!! I fell in love as soon as I lay my eyes on it. I was sifting through depop looking at 60s mini dresses and I was so happy I found this vintage gem. It fits perfect and I can’t get enough of that contrast panel! Dreamy dreamy dreamy. You know when you have that one dress that your scared to wear because it’s so pretty? That was my situation with this dress. It was actually stuck in my wardrobe for at least a year and I kept saying to myself that I would save it for a special occasion. Anyway, that special occasion never happened so I thought I would do a little outfit shoot with it on! Yes, I’ve cropped the shoes out because I forgot to bring the right pair of shoes with me which meant I had to wear the ones that I already had on and they didn’t match with the dress but hey ho, the dress does all the talking! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! 
S x