Geek Chic



Hello little Christmas sprouts! Hope you all enjoyed the last couple of days spent with the family and boozing a lil too much. If your tummies aren’t looking like a pregnant women’s, did you even celebrate Christmas? I’m currently eating the last bit of ice cream left over from Christmas, I just can’t stop! 

I can’t tell if I was trying to resemble a bit of Harry Potter here with the mustard and purple combo and those round glasses or if I was embracing my inner geek? Definitely the geek. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret here… YES I DO SOMETIMES STAY IN ON A WEEKEND TO SIT AND PLAY ON MY NINTENDO DS GAMES WITH MY CAT BESIDE ME AND YES I DO LOVE TO DO CROSSWORDS! Phew, glad to get that off my chest. We can’t always make the effort to look cool and spend money on gigs, cigarettes and booze! At 21 years of age, I’m pretty content with searching Ebay for new DS games and I’m really not sorry if I’ve let you down.


If you’re a trend follower of Gucci, you will know that they brought back the geek chic trend. Huge pussy bows, vibrant colours, big framed glasses and prints that your grandma would have probably had on her curtains back in the 70’s. What I love about the geek trend is that you can express your personality with it as much as you want. You can wear your favourite hat, dress, shoes, blouse, and socks all at once! Plus in the end, youre going to end up watching that popular girl you hate fall to her knees in tears because her boyfriend (the fittest boy in college) has chosen to take you to the prom instead. GO GEEKS!


Pajama Party!



The pajama trend is back and even better for SS16. Its been all over the catwalks again and this time it really caught my eye, I really love the matching pieces with the vibrant colours and busy patterns.

Today I’m going to show you my own take on the pajama trend and also show you how I styled the pieces separately for those who are not ready to take on the full pajama look yet!



Two piece – Zara / Coat – Topshop / Shoes – Boohoo

Am I going to a pajama party or a day out shopping? who knows?.. Even if they was a pair of pajama’s they would be the cutest pair of PJ’s evaaa! Or a ‘onesie’ as my ex referred to my outfit as. I got this two piece from the Zara sale a few months ago and how aaaaaaamaaaaazing was the Zara sale!? How did it last so long with so many gems still going strong? (That rhyme wasn’t planned) I can’t remember how much I got this two piece for but it was roughly around the £20 mark and I feel like a little spring lamb leaping over daffodils every time I wear it. If that makes any sense, probably not. I just love the pale mustard and pink together and the material is really thick and chunky. I paired it with a little red cropped jacket because I thought the red went really well against the print on the two piece so I put on a red lippy too! also I didn’t want to wear a big frumpy coat because this two piece is too gorgeous to hide! This jacket is from Topshop many many years ago and was actually passed down to me from a family member. If you look closely it has a really subtle paisley pattern on it and a big 60’s style collar. How cute? To finish my look off I added some tan patent platforms from Boohoo which I thought went really well against the colours too. Oh god, I really need to stop rhyming.

As a matching set it looks really lovely but also looks great when worn with simple/plain pieces. So I played around and styled my two piece separately. The first Image I styled the pants with a mustard jumper from H&M which I thought matched perfectly, a yellow contrast bag and some black loafers from Monki to separate the colours so I didn’t look like a human banana!

The second image I styled the top with a white high neck T underneath to give it some 60’s lovin, cropped wide leg jeans and maroon desert boots.

SC x

Jumper – H&M / Bag – Primark / Shoes – Monki


White high neck T – Primark / Jeans – Charity shop / Shoes – Pop Boutique