Hey baes! So, some of you may know that I’ve been a little bit poorly in the last couple of weeks so I’ve not been able to blog much or get any shoots done. I’ve been stuck in the house feeling pretty much uninspired, so I’ve decided to share my top 10 favourite blogger gals who I look to for some inspiration or just to have a lil browse on those chilled Sunday afternoons.

So here we are, in no particular order:


Saying goodbye to Summer

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Summer is over and I definitely have the blues! Although Manchester is being kind and gifting us with that extra little bit of sunshine lately! I’m definitely a summer gal at heart but I can say I’m excited for big coats and layers. I’ll miss the pale denims, florals, flowing dresses and the occasional ugly sandal but it’s time to say goodbye and put them to the back of my wardrobe for next year. This summer has been a good’n! Festival season is always a winner because you get to sit in a field drinking beers and watching your favourite bands with your favourite people. I have also had amazing opportunities collaborating with brands and to watch my blog and followers grow so much in a short amount of time means a lot to me.




So, this is probably the last summery outfit you will see on my blog until the sunshine greets us with it’s presence again. Let’s start with the culottes. Culottes were massive this summer and they came in a variety of different styles from metallic pleats to light wash denim. These babies are originally from Zara but I found them on for well, 5 pounds! I was so happy with this bargain as they are a good quality denim and they fit like a glove (I clearly haven’t used an iron again lolol) Pale denim goes very well with floral prints so I decided to pair them with a yellow floral high neck top which will also look cute under a mustard or brown Pinafore for Autumn/Winter!




Jacket – Boohoo | Top – Primark | Culottes – Zara | Bag – Primark | Shoes – New Look

 The rust suede tassel jacket goes so well against the yellow florals. However, I have had the jacket for a while now and it’s definitely been worn to death. The tassels are a little tangled and matted so I think it’s time to ditch it and upgrade for a much warmer one for the winter. The bag I absolutely love! The suede patchwork gives you them 70’s feels and the colours will take me right through to Autumn too (p.s it’s a Primark bargain so grab it before it’s gone!). To finish off my look I wore a pair of white pumps because white shoes go with any summer outfit right?

S x

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Westerns Stepsister

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Jacket – Vintage | Jeans – Mango | Top – Handmade by me. Fabric from | Boots – Topshop (similar here) | Bolo Tie – Mobs and Monsters

Good morning and happy Wednesday! It’s been a little bit hectic lately with moving to uni and all that malarkey but I had a little free time this morning so I thought I would spend it writing on my blog for you lot.

This is a shoot I did last week with one of my favourite people to work with, Akash! Share some love and go check out his work. Ok, so I went for a Western vibe outfit because I wanted to show off this amazing vintage denim tassel jacket I purchased a few weeks ago. How amazeeeeeeeeee is it?! I feel like I should be in one of those old school cowboy films… just waiting for my cowboy boyfriend to come along and pick me up and whisk me away through the desert on his horse whilst chewing a piece of straw… ha! keep dreaming Starr. This jacket would work great for festival wear or for chilli nights out on the town. It’s the BEST jacket to dance in because the tassels move with your body and make prancing around a whole lotttttaaaa fun! To update the outfit and give it a modern touch I paired it with my fave velvet leopard boots and a little hand made top by me! Because star print and denim? We can’t go wrong there. To complete the look I wore my bolo tie (which I only just found out that you are suppose to wear it with a shirt like a tie! hence the name, durrrrrrr!) to stick with the western vibes.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post, i’m off to find me a cowboy lover!

S x


A little snippet of Leeds Festival 


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Iyaaaaaa. Hope y’all good. Last Sunday I went to Leeds Fezzie so I thought I would show you some little snaps I took. Some pretty some not so pretty!! Oh my god, the mud. I’ve never seen anything like it! These pictures are definitely sugar coated. It was past my ankles at one point and me being me didn’t even put wellies on! My poor little Dr Martens are currently still in my back garden caked in mud! Anyhow, this didn’t stop us from having a good time! and how pretty do the flares look! We had a great time getting stuck in the mud, eating cheesy chips and watching our favourite bands even if it did feel like we were on a army training course at times haha! The Jack Rocks This Feeling tent was definitely the highlight of the festival and I said the same thing about it at YNOT Festival. It has new and upcoming bands playing right through the day into the night, the friendliest vibe and you can treat yourself to a cheeky JD and coke or 10 (JD honey and lemonade for me, cheers!)

S x


Simple OOTD

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Baker Boy Cap – Vintage (similar here) | Top – Primark | Mom Jeans – Topshop | Sandals – Primark (similar here) | Fishnet Socks – ASOS

Hey hey hey! Today is a simple OOTD post. Something I would wear usually for a catch up with the girls or a day at college. 

Starting with the top. The top is basically the layered slip/cami dress trend but in top form. This little number is only from Primark and is as cheap as £6! Its a little striped T with a black slip attached. However, I unattached them both to give the top a bit more movement and let it hang freely as I thought it was a tad high up. I paired it with some relaxed mom jeans and a strap sandal because there is nothing worse than walking around all day with sore feet and a wedgie haha! Under the sandals I wore some fishnet socks which are definitely on trend right now and they are soooooo affordable! adding some fishnet socks to your mules or sandals just gives it that extra bit of spice and bad ass vibe. To finish my look off I wore a simple baker boy cap and I know, your probably sick of seeing the sight of this hat now but it’s a hat that I love and it can make a simple outfit look like you have made a lot more effort.



Into The Office Or Not?

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Bonjour! how are ya? I’m currently enjoying a cup of tea in my favourite cafe listening to my favourite tunezzzz so I thought I’d do a little blog post for ya. Today’s post is a kind of casual/work outfit! something that’s suitable for the office but also for days out. I’m gonna break the rules and start with the best first. The blouse. This Victorian style blouse is absolutely stunning and was kindly sent to me from Judas Clothing along side some other beautiful blouses. Pair this blouse with some tailored pants or midi skirt and your ready for the office OR with jeans or a mini A line skirt for some Françoise Hardy 60’s vibes. I like to mix and match so I decided to pair mine with some basic fray hem kick flare jeans, a smart blazer and a pointed shoe. The way I have styled it gives you the opportunity to be able to wear it to the office, a day out or even a date. The cropped kick flares are from Primark and are only £7! I repeat, £7!! They are a lovely thick denim and fit really nicely. They also look way more expensive than Primark which is a bonus! The tweed blazer, I think its tweed.. ( I should know this) I found in a vintage shop called ‘Ryan Vintage’ which has sadly closed down now waaahhh 😦 If your a vintage lover from Manchester you will know which one I mean! The shoes are another gem from Primark which I have already featured in a previous post about where I had a magpie moment and could not resist getting them at such a cheap price! Even if they do slice my feet open but if you want to wear pretty shoes then ya gotta deal with the pain eh? To finish off my look I wore these cool little Ray-Ban glasses which are actually my photographers (cheers Akash haha)

So that is it for today! I’m off because i’m craving a KFC Oreo Krushem!!!!

S x

Blouse – Judas Clothing | Blazer – Vintage | Shoes – Primark (similar here)| Jeans – Primark (similar here) | Glasses – Ray-Ban



Electric Blue | The Perfect Dress

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Starr 26-07-2016 finished resized (11 of 17)Starr 26-07-2016 finished resized (9 of 17)Starr 26-07-2016 finished resized (6 of 17)Starr 26-07-2016 finished resized (12 of 17)Starr 26-07-2016 finished resized (1 of 17)Starr 26-07-2016 finished resized (3 of 17)Starr 26-07-2016 finished resized (4 of 17)Starr 26-07-2016 finished resized (14 of 17)Starr 26-07-2016 finished resized (17 of 17)Starr 26-07-2016 finished resized (10 of 17)Starr 26-07-2016 finished resized (16 of 17)Starr 26-07-2016 finished resized (5 of 17)Starr 26-07-2016 finished resized (7 of 17)Starr 26-07-2016 finished resized (15 of 17)Starr 26-07-2016 finished resized (8 of 17)Starr 26-07-2016 finished resized (2 of 17)Starr 26-07-2016 finished resized (13 of 17)

Good morning! Today i’m sharing some pictures with you from last month taken by the verrrrrry talented Joe Rigby, you can see some of his work at  I’m love love loving these shots! However, I do wish I ironed my dress before leaving the house oops. Anyway, speaking of the dress! This is another gem of a dress that I don’t wear enough purely because i’m scared of ruining it and when ya a bit clumsy like me and known for spilling things on yourself then i’m guessing you understand my anxiety here. I found this dress on Depop after searching for hours, again. The dress stood out to me right away and funnily enough the owner of the dress (who had bought the dress off someone else) was a girl who I’ve had on Instagram for a while! So if you’re reading this Ruby, i’m thanking you again for this lil dreamy dress (still don’t know why you wanted to sell it haha) God knows how many times the dress has been passed down and how long its been around for but I like to think it was originally made in the 60’s. The dress is beautifully hand made and has this cute daisy chain detail around the neck. I also love how it zips up at the front rather than having the usual buttons or zip at the back. The dress fits my petite frame perfectly and has a stand up collar! a favourite of mine, so I definitely think this was a match made in heaven! It’s hard when looking for the perfect dress and it’s definitely not going to suddenly appear after looking through Ebay for 10 minutes, unless yer a lucky bugger! It takes a lot of time looking through every rail of vinatge/charity shops and spending a lot of time online, on places such as Etsy and Depop but once you find the perfect dress you’ll know it’s meant to be.

S x

Dress – Depop | Boots – M&S 

Slick back hair with L’Oreal studio pro

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Hey hey hey! I’ve created the slick back look using some products from L’Oreal Studio Pro Range. This look has been spotted on many celebs such as Gigi Hadi, Rihanna, Kendal Jenner, Kim K and more.. It’s so so easy to do so I’ve made a YouTube tutorial and step by step guide below, enjoy! 🙂

1. First apply the L’Oreal Studio Pro Sleek It Ultra Smoothing Cream to the hair to smooth it down and get rid of any strays.

2. Back comb the front of the hair then smooth back other with a comb.

3. Apply the L’Oreal Studio Pro Boost It Volume Hairspray onto the hair and comb through again.

5. Apply more hairspray then comb through one last time. Your done! How easy?

All products gifted to me by L’Oreal as a part of the vip project #whodoyouwanttobetoday #studiopro 

Pillar box Red 

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Hiiiii friends, strangers, lovers and animals! It’s nice to be back after having a little break from Instagram and blogging. Sometimes we get trapped into this circle of always trying to please people and feeling like we have to upload everything that’s happening in our lives (I’m guilty for this since I’ve become a blogger) but I can tell you I have never felt more refreshed after taking a 5 day break from social media. Last weekend I went to a festival with some lovely friends and I didn’t have any signal on my phone to check my Emails, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and YouTube! That’s a hella lot of checking! But I was glad. Not being able to check my phone made me appreciate the present moment, something I haven’t done for a while. I was enjoying sitting around in the campsite without having my head stuck in my phone and being able to watch bands without filming the whole bloody gig! I returned home feeling a lot more positive and I still didn’t feel like I had to check social media straight away, I was just happy to see my dad AND my cat of course! However, there’s always a downside isn’t there? I’ve only gone and brought a chest infection back with me so whilst I’m bed bound not able to do anything else, I thought I would share these lovely shots with you taken by Arthur Yushi. You can check out some of his amazing work here.


This dress!! I fell in love as soon as I lay my eyes on it. I was sifting through depop looking at 60s mini dresses and I was so happy I found this vintage gem. It fits perfect and I can’t get enough of that contrast panel! Dreamy dreamy dreamy. You know when you have that one dress that your scared to wear because it’s so pretty? That was my situation with this dress. It was actually stuck in my wardrobe for at least a year and I kept saying to myself that I would save it for a special occasion. Anyway, that special occasion never happened so I thought I would do a little outfit shoot with it on! Yes, I’ve cropped the shoes out because I forgot to bring the right pair of shoes with me which meant I had to wear the ones that I already had on and they didn’t match with the dress but hey ho, the dress does all the talking! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! 
S x


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Iyaaaaa! Last week I was sent some lovely products to try from the new Studio Pro L’Oreal range. I will be writing a little review and step by step guide on how I have created textured waves using these products ANNNND I recorded my first lil YouTube video tutorial on how to do so too!! The lighting in the video is terrible, i’m sorry. I don’t have my own camera yet so I had film it on my phone! Buy hey ho, I hope you enjoy!

  1. Apply the L’Oreal Studio Pro Heat It Hot & Curl Spray onto towel dry hair and massage through
  2. Blow dry hair thoroughly making sure all the hair is dry.
  3. Section off hair. This varies depending on the thickness and length of the hair but I sectioned my hair into 3. Don’t worry about getting the sections neat we are wanting to create that messy bed head look.
  4. Take a piece of hair and place the straighteners below the root. Glide the straighteners down the hair whilst twisting them in the direction you want the curl.
  5. Do this until all the sections of hair are curled.
  6. Run fingers through the curls to loosen them up.
  7. Apply the L’Oreal Studio Pro Extra Strong Volume or L’Oreal Ultra Strong Fixing Hairspray all over the head whilst shaking fingers through the curls

The Heat It Hot & Curl spray definitely prepared my hair with the protection it needs when using heat. Also I found that my hair was easier to curl. However, I was a little disappointed with the hairsprays because I noticed my curls were starting to drop after around an hour but it did give my hair the volume that it needed.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! Check out my YouTube video below and if there are any other tutorials you would like to see then please leave a comment 🙂

S x

All products gifted to me by L’Oreal as a part of the Preen.Me vip project. #whodoyouwantotbetoday #studiopro #spon