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Good Morning! Last week I had the amazing opportunity to team up with Preen.Me and Dermalogica to experience face mapping, exciting! My skin sure does go through a lot for someone who struggles with anxiety, has the diet of a fussy 3-year-old (I’m not joking here haha), doesn’t always take off my make up before bed and for someone who has never really had a proper skin care routine due to products either making my sensitive skin worse or not working at all! So what a time it was to be alive when Preen.Me and Dermalogica asked me to collaborate with them! This post will take you through my journey of having my skin analysis and also product reviews.

Ok so, as you can see in the image above face mapping involves dividing the face into 14 zones which is carefully examined. The zones relate to different parts of our body for example, zones 1 and two are related to the bladder! 

Each zone on my face was carefully examined and then I was recommended products for each area that needed working on. My T zone, (areas 1,2 &3) are pretty oily. I always knew I had oily skin but I never  knew it was because of dehydration! We think that when we are dehydrated are skin would be dry right? Wrong! When our skin is dehydrated our body goes into panic mode and starts to produce more oils to try rehydrate our skin. Dehydration can be caused by many things such as not drinking enough water (I’m definitely guilty of this), not eating enough whole foods and it can be even down to those lovely radiators in our home that keep us warm this time of the year.

Areas 5&9 are related to the lungs and this is my sensitive area, so that probably explains the chesty cough I’ve just got over! This is the area that is mostly affected when I have a reaction to something also.

Areas 7&12 is where I tend to get condones (blackheads) which is pretty common in everyone!

Now areas 11,12 & 13 is where I usually break out as you can see in some of the images above. This area can indicate hormonal imbalance and stress. As I mentioned, I do sometimes struggle with anxiety and when my anxiety levels are high this is when my skin starts to break out. Area 12 also relates to the small intestine and with me eating foods that only seem to be the colour beige, my breakouts are finally starting to make sense haha! New Years resolution = eat healthier!!


Slick back hair with L’Oreal studio pro

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Hey hey hey! I’ve created the slick back look using some products from L’Oreal Studio Pro Range. This look has been spotted on many celebs such as Gigi Hadi, Rihanna, Kendal Jenner, Kim K and more.. It’s so so easy to do so I’ve made a YouTube tutorial and step by step guide below, enjoy! 🙂

1. First apply the L’Oreal Studio Pro Sleek It Ultra Smoothing Cream to the hair to smooth it down and get rid of any strays.

2. Back comb the front of the hair then smooth back other with a comb.

3. Apply the L’Oreal Studio Pro Boost It Volume Hairspray onto the hair and comb through again.

5. Apply more hairspray then comb through one last time. Your done! How easy?

All products gifted to me by L’Oreal as a part of the vip project #whodoyouwanttobetoday #studiopro 


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Iyaaaaa! Last week I was sent some lovely products to try from the new Studio Pro L’Oreal range. I will be writing a little review and step by step guide on how I have created textured waves using these products ANNNND I recorded my first lil YouTube video tutorial on how to do so too!! The lighting in the video is terrible, i’m sorry. I don’t have my own camera yet so I had film it on my phone! Buy hey ho, I hope you enjoy!

  1. Apply the L’Oreal Studio Pro Heat It Hot & Curl Spray onto towel dry hair and massage through
  2. Blow dry hair thoroughly making sure all the hair is dry.
  3. Section off hair. This varies depending on the thickness and length of the hair but I sectioned my hair into 3. Don’t worry about getting the sections neat we are wanting to create that messy bed head look.
  4. Take a piece of hair and place the straighteners below the root. Glide the straighteners down the hair whilst twisting them in the direction you want the curl.
  5. Do this until all the sections of hair are curled.
  6. Run fingers through the curls to loosen them up.
  7. Apply the L’Oreal Studio Pro Extra Strong Volume or L’Oreal Ultra Strong Fixing Hairspray all over the head whilst shaking fingers through the curls

The Heat It Hot & Curl spray definitely prepared my hair with the protection it needs when using heat. Also I found that my hair was easier to curl. However, I was a little disappointed with the hairsprays because I noticed my curls were starting to drop after around an hour but it did give my hair the volume that it needed.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! Check out my YouTube video below and if there are any other tutorials you would like to see then please leave a comment 🙂

S x

All products gifted to me by L’Oreal as a part of the Preen.Me vip project. #whodoyouwantotbetoday #studiopro #spon




Today I’m sharing my #beachdaymusts with @adoreme , summer is finally here (well kind of) and that means a lot of us will be taking trips to the beach! There is nothing more relaxing than chilling out on the beach but there are always risks with sunbathing, so today i’m here to show you my absolute musts and all the other fun bits and bobs I like to take to the beach.

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Sun cream – I have put this one first because it’s an absolute must have!! you should always protect your skin from the sun by applying sun cream all over the skin. The sun can cause a lot of damage and also ages your skin. I like to use Garnier Ambre Solaire because it’s a thin liquid texture that’s non greasy. There is nothing worse than trying to blend thick sun cream onto my skin and being left with white streaks.

Sun hat and glasses –  Sunglasses and sun hats protect our lovely little eyes and head from the sun so make sure you have those bad boys on! p.s sun stroke and squinty eyes is not a good look.

Water – As much as we love the sun, it dehydrates us. So making sure we have water next to us is a must have! I like to use these Beehive Drinking Jars because they stop spillage and are easy to drink from the straw.

Entertainment – Now the boring (but very important!!) stuff is out the way we can move onto the fun bits! When sunbathing I find myself getting a little bored after a while so I’ll usually pop my earphones in and listen to a playlist on Spotify or I’ll read a book to escape for a bit.

Bikini – Bikinis bikinis bikinis! I just love them! Adore Me have a huge range of different
in all
different sizes
so no excuses to not rock that bikini girls 😉 Also a cool lil tip is wearing a bikini under your outfit so you don’t have to face that awkwardly getting changed underneath a towel malarkey. I like to wear a pair of denim shorts and a kimono.

Sandals – Sandals can add so much to fun our beach wear outfits and stop us from burning our feet on that hot sand! My advice is to buy some that are easy to just slip on and off to save hassle.

Towel – Use me to dry you or to lay down on.

Hair ties and grips –  I don’t want to spend all my time at the beach pushing my hair back from my face so hair ties are always handy. I like these Unicorn Popband Hair Ties they look really cute just worn around the wrist too!

Make up – If like me, you don’t like wearing make up when the sun is shining purely because we just melt it off and our mascara ends up half way down our face then I advise you to just wear a lipstick. A matte lipstick because we don’t want sand stuck to our lips when we see a hot guy walk past now do we? I like to use a bold red lipstick and let the lips do the talking as it gives a pop of colour to my face when I’m not wearing any make up. If you’re not wearing lippy then I advise wearing a lip balm. I notice that my lips tend to get dry when I’ve been in the sun so it’s important to keep them supa smooooooth. Another thing I like to do when sun bathing is paint my nails to match my bikini. Is that a little OCD? I dunno, maybe. I usually use Revlon 210 Retro Pink. Dry shampoo is also a must have. Dry shampoo is always useful at the beach for when my hair gets greased up with sun cream so that’s definitely worth packing! Finally, I like to bring a cleansing water to lift off any sun cream, sand and dirt that has collected on my face throughout the day (gross) I use  Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.

Camera – If you love capturing memories then it’s definitely worth it to take a camera to the beach. Polaroid camera’s are very useful because they are easy to just pop into your bag and the photos are instant which means you don’t have to wait until you get home… to recharge the camera…. then find your camera lead…. then wait for all the pictures to load on your laptop….. haha you get where I’m going!

Moisturize – And finally, moisturize. My skin likes to play up after sunbathing and usually gets dry. Using an after sun or moisturizer helps to keep the skin healthy and hydrated.

I hope you enjoyed my tips and must haves for the beach! What are your favourite #beachdaymusts ?

S x

L’Oreal 6.45 Brooklyn Intense Copper Auburn


Review time..



Hello lovelies! Ok so today I am reviewing the L’Oreal 6.45 hair dye in intense copper auburn. I have been almost every hair colour under the sun but I have never tried auburn! so I wanted to try something new and plus its a really autumn/wintery colour which fits with this season!

Summer 2014 I had silver hair (I have added some pictures below) but it was a pain in the bum to maintain!! It meant lots of bleaching and toning which left my hair really brittle. I got fed up of keeping on top of it so I just let it grow out which left me with an Ombre kind of effect which I really liked for a while but I needed something to give me a new healthier and vibrant look for the colder months.

Silver mop! I do miss it! Kinda..

Now onto the box dye.. I was really nervous in trying out a new colour again because home hair dyes ALWAYS seem to end up a DISASTER! I prefer L’Oreal Preference hair box dyes to any other brand because the products seem to look and feel more professional, even the gloves! It comes with a developer cream, colourant gel, high shine elixir, gloves and a conditioner. They are not stingy on the condition either like most hair dyes!


I followed the instruction leaflet given in the box and added all the mixtures together. It tells you to apply the mixture onto damp hair but I put it straight onto dry clean hair simply because of the faff of it all. However it didn’t effect how the colour developed on my hair. I started applying the mixture onto the ends of my hair first, as the ends of my hair were much lighter than my roots. I know, complete opposite of what I am suppose to do but who said following the rules was fun ey? no wonder my hair always end up a disaster. Then I started to apply the mixture to the rest of my hair and then to my roots. After applying all of the mixture I left the dye to develop for 30 minutes as it says on the instruction leaflet.


oh so sexy.. I managed to not get dye on my hairline or face GENIUS!


This how my hair looked a few hours before buying the hair dye




Taaa Daaa!! I bloody love it. It’s not the exact same colour as the model on the box but it’s near enough! the only down side is that you can only see the gingery/auburn tones when out in the light, otherwise it just looks like a kind of mahogany brown. But I can live with that! I think the colour took well to my hair because the ends of my hair was very light and my roots were a natural mousey brown. However I wouldn’t recommended this to people with dark brown to black hair as I’m guessing the auburn tones wont take to the dark hair. The hair colour has left my hair feeling super soft and shiny which is a bonus! It’s a thumbs up from me L’Oreal!

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