10 things I (wouldn’t) want to live without


Hey hey! I wanted to create a quick and fun post so I decided to do a post on things I (wouldn’t) want to live without. I put ‘wouldn’t’ in brackets because I’ve seen posts before on ‘Things I couldn’t live without’ and when I was planning this post, which was originally going to be ’10 things I couldn’t live without’ I realised that most of my answers, realistically, I could 100% live without. Lets be honest, It’s clear that I won’t survive without water but I definitely could survive without pizza (even though that would be a miserable life) So, here’s my 10! 

Pen and paper – There’s something so old school about pen and paper! In a world focused around phones and technology, there’s something that excites me about pen and paper. It takes seconds to send a text to a friend/loved one but a hand written letter is the best gift you could ever receive. Postcards, hand written to do lists, paper diary’s and calendars! (pls never get rid of these precious things)

My Cat – An absolute obvious one! you know how much I love my cats. Cats are the best company (when they want to be haha) and they are just the cutest little fur babies!! I could write some more about cats but it’s probably best that I don’t, because once I start I wont stop…

My gold cat necklace – I told you I wouldn’t stop! My best friend bought me a cat necklace for my 21st birthday and I’ve had it on ever since. If I forget to put it on I feel completely naked!! like I may as well not be wearing any knickers.


Tea-By tea, I mean a good ol’ brew! It’s a British thing isn’t it. There isn’t a day I go by without a hot cup of tea in my hands

Pizza – My drug of choice!

Music – Just imagine life without music? Music is so powerful. Music helps us through sad times, it makes us feel happy, it creates memories, it connects us with other people! I’ve met so many important people in my life through music.

Mascara – I would just like to thank the person who invented mascara.

Warm weather – It’s a fact that we can’t live without the sun but there’s something about warm weather and being outside that makes me very happy.

Access to the internet – I know this is a rubbish one but most of us would definitely put this on our list of things they wouldn’t want to live without. We can’t image our lives without the internet and it’s still so bizarre that at one point we didn’t have any access to it whatsoever! However, I am thankful for the internet because it’s helped me grow as a person, learn from my mistakes, gain lifetime friendships, helped me when I’ve got lost (this is a regular one for me haha) and I wouldn’t be doing my dream job without it.




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