Take time yourself



A few days ago I had a bit of a crazy moment. I shut down my laptop, turned off my phone and cried. I couldn’t even watch the TV! Social media had got too much for me and on top of everything else it really took it’s toll on my anxiety. I had forgotten the last time I had took some time out for myself to just go for a walk or read a book, I was constantly on my phone replying to emails, catching up on Instagram, over working on my laptop as well as trying to reply to every single message right away. Now that’s not healthy. I began to miss deadlines for collaborations and for us bloggers this means missing out on money and having to explain yourself too, ANOTHER thing I had to worry about. I was getting very little sleep because I would stay up working until the early hours and then because I was looking at blue light for so long my brain was tricked into thinking it was day time. I would then put something on Netflix until I eventually would fall asleep to waking up feeling like I had been on a 5 day bender in Ibiza!! (maybe a little exaggeration but I sure felt that way haha) 


After weeks of feeling overwhelmed and feeling like a bad person because I didn’t reply to a message right away, it was time to give myself a kick up the lil butt and come back to reality. The reality of real people and real connections, not just some words on a screen. I instantly started to feel the weight off my shoulders and my sleeping pattern improved massively. My skin and eating patterns also improved after having a face that looked like an actual pizza. I bought myself lots of bath bombs, a new book and actually enjoyed time in the present moment! The smallest of things can really help. I remembered that most emails and messages can wait and that nobody is going to think I’m a bad person for not replying right away.


Although I’m back on social media I have promised to take time out for myself and take at least 2 days a week off. Social media can do funny things to our brains and everyone needs a break sometimes. Some people don’t take blogging seriously and don’t see it as a real job, but it is. Just like any other job we need time off to connect with ourselves and others. So if you find yourself staying up until 3am scrolling through Instagram, having anxiety about dropping your phone in the bath, completely missing what your friend has just said because you’re too busy texting or standing in dog poo frequently (a problem of mine lol) because you have your face glued to your phone, then I think it’s time you take a break!

S x


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