My number one tip for cleaning out your wardrobe



Hello, It’s me! I had been a little behind on my blog lately but I’m back with lots of new ideas and content to share with ya! So, today is all about cleaning out that wardrobe and letting go of those jeans you’ve probably had since being 18 years old. Little exaggeration? uh no, you’d be surprised how many of us keep useless items of clothing for so many years. Being a fashion blogger with no actual ‘personal style’ means my wardrobe can get a little out of hand sometimes, my rail was ready to collapse last week but my dad came to save the day just in time. I have no more room on my rail whatsoever, so a lot of my clothes get put in a spare room now which my dad is NOT happy about. He’s always confused to why I have so many clothes and why I cling on to things I never actually wear no more. I’ve always been emotionally attached to clothes, is that weird? probably. I find it so hard to get rid of clothes when they have made amazing memories with me, been to places with me, made me look sassy when going through breakups, helped me experiment with style and most important of all, covered up my naked body. Its kind of like a baby’s blanket. 


Last week I tried my best to clean out my wardrobe. I put them in to 3 piles which were ‘keep’ ‘sell’ and ‘bin’. I found myself putting a lot of my clothes into the ‘sell’ pile, staring at it for a good 10 minutes then deciding to put it all back into the ‘keep’ pile. This basically got me nowhere and as I put all my clothes back on my rail, it started to collapse (I am really sorry rail pls forgive me). There were clothes on that rail that I have never got round to wearing, brand new with tags! clothes I didn’t even know was there and clothes that I would never wear anymore but I just don’t want to get rid! This gave me a pretty big wake up call so I decided to set myself some goals. From now on, every month I will give my wardrobe a clear out and take note of clothes I haven’t been wearing much. I’ve already started to sell a lot of things on my Depop and I feel much better for it. It gives me a clearer mind when I get rid of things that I don’t need/want anymore and the fact that my clothes will go on to create more memories with other people makes it a little less daunting.


Ok so on to my top tip, this may not work for some but it definitely works for me. There have been many tips on helping us get rid of unwanted clothes such as: Do you need it? Do you love it? Will you actually wear it? Does it flatter my figure? Have you wore it in the last 6 months? These can be really helpful and they have helped me in the past when wanting to get rid of that vintage dress that I hadn’t worn in like 2 years that makes me look like a marshmallow but the print was too cute to get rid! What I find helps me is to try to pretend my wardrobe is a shopping rail. I will put my imagination into a retail shop and just pretend to browse through the rails, I’m sounding a little crazy right? I will then look through each item in my wardrobe and think to myself ‘would I buy this right now in a shop?’ ‘If I was in Topshop right now would I buy this?’ If the answer is Yes, then you have won. You keep those sassy flares and wear them to death. If the answer is No or even if it takes you a long time to think about it THEN GET RID. It will save you so much time, money and space. Trust me on this one, give it a go.

Good luck,




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