Introvert is the new extrovert – Being successful in your job when you’re not good at speaking up


introvert: noun –a shy, reticent person.


So last week I read an article in Glamour magazine which really hit home for me. It was all about introverts and how we are becoming more popular. I was always the quiet one at school who hated sitting in the dinner hall because it was too noisy and over crowded! I never really enjoyed big social events and found them really exhausting and I hated being put on the spot which was a common thing in school because teachers seem to like picking on the quiet ones… like if I wanted to give my opinion I would have put my hand up right? Most of the time I get my energy from being on my own and doing my own thing, Sometimes I like to go to a cafe for a brew on my own, which is now being accepted when it was once frowned upon with the whole ‘loner’ thing. I’ll hang out with friends when I feel like I want to, rather than force myself out into every social gathering there is. In social situations I like to sit and listen to the other person rather than have quick pointless chit-chat and there is something I kinda like about awkward silences, they make us human! 

Many times in my life growing up into the young adult that I am, I’ve been asked and told “why are you so quiet?” or “you’re never going to get anywhere if you don’t speak up!” WELL SISTA! YOU WERE WRONG! I sure did envy all those confident popular girls in school who always got chosen to do the cool stuff and the girls who always did amazing presenting whiteboard power points. Many times I came home from school upset because I felt I was left out and that I didn’t really have a voice but I found my comfort in expressing myself in practical work. I took art in school which really helped me because I could just sit and paint. I didn’t have to talk if I didn’t want to and I was doing something I enjoyed doing. Then I went on to do hairdressing at college which yes is practical but it does take a lot of interaction and conversation with your clients which I think is pointless in my opinion haha. Like when I’m at the hairdressers I’m just thinking ‘Pls can I just relax whilst I have my hair done’ I decided that hairdressing wasn’t me and moved on to study Fashion, the best choice I have ever made! I love fashion and I love my blog. The thing about my blog is that I can sit and write in my own company about how I’m feeling or what trends I’m loving. I can collaborate with top  brands with just an email and I can meet other amazing bloggers who have the same interests as me which makes conversations and meet ups a lot more comfortable.

I know some people may look to us introverts as ‘boring’ or ‘awkward’ and that’s not always true. We are very reserved. We take a little longer to open up and let people into our lives. We sometimes fear that people wouldn’t want to be our friends because we come across as rude. But this doesn’t mean we are any less successful in our careers. Let’s look at Kate Moss for an example, the biggest supermodel in the world seen in every magazine and catwalk but when it comes down to any conversations or interviews she’s really uncomfortable with it. If you search for her interviews online, you won’t find many and the ones that are online she comes across very shy and awkward and even admits that she doesn’t like being interviewed. But guess what she’s done bloody well for herself! from being a shy school girl from Croydon to being one of the most hard-working and richest supermodels in the world. Don’t feel like you need to scream out to get attention to your work and don’t ever feel like you won’t be successful because you’re not as confident as others, there are many people jumping onto the quiet time band wagon. Yoga and meditation classes are as popular as ever, people are starting to use the quiet areas on trains a lot more than usual and there’s even quiet speed dating! YEP! HURRAY FOR INTROVERTS!

P.s I found the Twitter hashtag #introvertproblems in Glamour magazine and @gemmacorell Instagram which is full of witty Instagram posts about social anxiety. Go check em out, they give us introverts a good ol’ laugh about our own awkwardness!




5 thoughts on “Introvert is the new extrovert – Being successful in your job when you’re not good at speaking up

  1. This topic is totally relatable to me, sometimes i just feel so upset of being this type of person, i just think/feel every move that I take is shameful. But thankfully for you speak up abt this, such a great motivation for me❤.


  2. THANK YOU ! I hate that for so long I was ashamed of being introvert. It’s a part of me and I love that about myself now! Thanks for speaking up about this, everyone needs to recognize this! Introverts are just as amazing as extroverts and everything in between! xx.

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