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Hey hey! I thought I would write-up a quick post for you today on how I stay inspired and hopefully it may help you to stay inspired too. A few weeks ago I was ill, I couldn’t go out the house much so I was basically either in a hospital bed or in my own bed/couch. I started to feel really shitty about myself and my blog. I wasn’t able to get any posts written up because I couldn’t go out and get photo shoots done and I was surrounded by either my own home or nurses and other people who were ill. Don’t get me wrong I’m always truly inspired and amazed by nurses and doctors and what they do for us but I couldn’t help but stare down at my snot green hospital socks whilst hooked to a drip and think ‘I NEED SOME INSPIRATION, I AM GOING INSANE!’


Once I started to feel better it was such a relief to get out the house and do my usual day to day things, things that inspire me. I picked up all my favourite magazines I was behind on, I meditated, had caught ups with friends, got lost walking through the forest, caught up on all my favourite blogger girls, went to a cafe I’ve never been to before and just people watched. I looked at the people, what they were wearing, what they were eating, how they were speaking and laughing and crying. I ordered a cup of tea and felt the warmth of the mug in my hands, I took in the smell and taste of a wonderful cup of tea. I looked at all the layout and art on the walls and finally flipped through my vogue magazine. I felt inspired. These are the tiny things in life that can inspire us massively and it can be suddenly taken away from us when one gets ill or down in the dumps! But just remember, that cafe you love is probably just around the corner and there are people everywhere around us.

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T – Shirt – Primark | Skirt – Pretty Little Thing | Bag – JOY | Shoes – ASOS | Watch –  Zadig & Voltaire




3 thoughts on “How to stay inspired

  1. Hey, Thankyou for your message and your honesty! However, I think you have got the wrong idea of me just being a fashion blogger, I’m not. I’m a lifestyle and beauty blogger also, I don’t just write about fashion I write about everything from, where I’m going, how I’m feeling, what I’m wearing, what I’m listening too, what I’m eating… the list goes on. I do find it really rude and upsetting that you say my posts are boring and just sentences that don’t make sense when a lot of my posts are about mental health and my experiences. I write how I feel and I’ve noticed a lot of visitors have taken to that and like that side of my blog more than my actual fashion posts. I’ve had so many people message me to say I’ve helped them or that they could relate to my posts and to me that’s the best feeling in the world! Writing is definitely not my strongest point but to have amazing feedback about something I never thought I could write about and something that I used to be ashamed of is a massive achievement for me. I’m sorry you feel this away about my blog but I pay attention to the hundreds of people who love to read my blog and not the one person that finds it boring, so I’ll keep doing what I’m doing!


  2. Starr I like your style so much and all your photos usaully look fantastic, but everytime I read your posts… they are so boring. I don’t think that you’re a dull or borning person, no! It’s just your writing style that is so banal. You have a great talent to combine clothes and your ‘looks’ are always so fresh and well-matched. But you’re a fashion-blogger, no one expects long ‘sheets’ of texts from you, 80% want pictures and information about discounts:)
    I guess I sounded rude but your writing style effects your blogging and numbers of visitors. I feel that I stopped visiting your page, because I know I won’t see anything new here. Another post of 30 sentences that don’t make any sense like they were written forcedly in order to post pictures only. Do not torment yourself about what to write if you do not know what to write a post about, just post photos! Not every fashion-blogger has to be a good writer. You have another talent!


  3. Looking fab, hun! Love your post and blog. Yes, I find it hard to get inspiration sometimes, too! I look through fashion e-store sites and think “What look have I not done already for a style edit yet? Aargh, I feel like I havr done everything already!!” It can be very frustrating, but I always come up with something in the end. Too bad about you going to hospital, hun. Hope you feel better!!

    If you want to see some fabulous outfit pairings and fashion show reviews, you should click this link to my blog, view and come and follow me:

    It is totally inspirational and totally chic!!!

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