“What is your personal style?”


32219181733What is your personal style? A question I get asked a lot in interviews and a question I can never fully answer. When I think about this question, something comes to mind that I don’t actually have a personal style and to be honest I’ve never had one. Ever since I got into fashion I never wanted to dress the exact same as someone else, I never had a fixed style. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always had my style icons, Debbie Harry, Anna Karina, Alexa Chung etc.. but they’re just celebs that I look to for outfit inspo if I’m feeling uninspired. I would pick parts of Debbie Harry’s style but then I would also pick parts of somebody elses style and then put my own twist on it. I still do that today, but now I’m dressing more for me, rather than dressing to just look ‘cool’ or ‘ vintage’. I dress in clothes that flatter my figure and that make me look like the best ME. I know what doesn’t look good on me and what does, I think that’s the most important thing when it come to fashion. I’m a teeny 5’2 and a half (haha I had to add that half in) which means I know to wear skirts and dresses that come above the knee to elongate my legs. I can’t wear those dreamy bohemian maxi dresses because I literally look like I’m wearing a potato sack that is trailing along the floor collecting up dust. I don’t do too well with some cropped jeans because I feel they cut my legs off even more. However kick flares are a god send!! and booties above the ankle are an absolute no go for me! #cankle probs.


Although I’m very tiny and petite, I am pear-shaped. I’m a size UK 4/6 on the top but when it comes to the bottoms it’s a different story. I have the hardest time trying to find the right jeans and I still haven’t found the perfect pair of jeans yet *cries*. My waist is a tiny 24/25″ but then my thighs, calves and ankles are pretty chunky and to top it off they are VERY short. SO, you can imagine how hard it is to find a perfect pair for us little pear-shaped women. I find myself looking my best in a pair of flared jeans or a mini skirt with a pointed shoe, all 3 of them give the illusion of a longer leg which is an absolute must have for me.


My style varies from each day. One day I’ll be all girly in my vintage floral dress, the next I’ll be all tomboy esque in a pair of baggy dungarees and trainers and the next I could be full on 70’s style in my flares, platforms and suede. Some days I don’t resemble any style at all, I’ll just throw an anything that I think will look good. When it comes to shopping, I rarely look for trends. I only follow trends if it’s something I truly love for example this seasons trend, gingham! as you can see from the photos lol lol. When I’m going shopping I tend to shop at vintage shops and charity shops as well as the high street, I think it’s good to have a mixture. The thing I love about vintage is that each piece of clothing has a story behind it. Somebody else had owned that before you did, it’s been to places, it’s seen things you haven’t, it’s been loved and cared for! Now it’s my turn to do the same. Another thing I love about vintage is that no one else will ever have the same clothes as you! It can get a bit boring and repetitive when you see every single blogger wearing the same thing and I think vintage gives a lot of character to someones outfit. When it comes to shopping in the high street shops I browse through each railing until I see something I like, if I like it and it looks good on me I will buy it! Although I do get a bit impulsive when buying things sometimes, my wardrobe is full of beautiful clothes that I don’t even wear or haven’t got round to wearing yet. I’m too clingy when it comes to getting rid of clothes from my wardrobe, purely because they bring back memories or I think they will come back in trend again AND MOST OF THE TIME THEY DO! I once got rid of a metallic mini skirt years ago because I didn’t wear it in so long and then BAM, metallic was EVERYWHERE. I regret that so much, it was such a flattering pretty skirt.


White Ribbed High Neck T – Shirt – Primark | Gingham Top – Shein | Jeans – Wrangler/Vintage | Bag – KoKo Couture | Watch – Zadig & Voltaire | Shoes – ASOS

Not having a personal style or not knowing what style is ‘you’ is completely ok. You don’t need to have a fixed style to be your best self. I would try out different pieces, high street and vintage and see what you feel good in. It’s all about experimenting!



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4 thoughts on ““What is your personal style?”

  1. Haha I completely agree with you there Abigail! I’m always have to cut up my jeans too!! I definitely think it’s important to dress for yourself rather than to fit in xx


  2. I feel like we’re both in the same boat! I’m a size 4 and just about 5ft, therefore nothing long suits me and I can never find jeans that don’t completely drown me, therefore I stick to my mini skirts or baggy dyngarees that I cut up myself so they fitted me on the leg lol. I think with style, you’ve just gotta strive to feel yourself, rather than aiming to fit in with a certain ‘trend’ or style! The way you dress is always amazing!

    Abigail | Blush & Noise


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