Making the decision to become a pescetarian


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So, I’ve decided to become a pescetarian! purely because of 2 reasons! 1. I wanted to take on a new challenge and 2. Because I watched the video to The Smiths – Meat Is Murder and I never want to eat meat again. The way some of them treat animals is speechless. I had no words but only tears for those poor animals. I always had an idea what happened to those animals but I always shoved it to the back of my mind and never really thought about it when I was eating meat. I know pescetarian isn’t the same as vegetarian and I know fish are basically animals too but I’m not ready to take on the full vegetarian challenge just yet. Fish is one of the things that I eat quite a lot as it gives me the vitamins and omega 3 I need which I don’t get from my awful diet.


I’ve always loved meat since being a small child and being a Northerner I was pretty much woken up to the aroma of bacon, eggs and sausage every morning. I grew up around meat eaters and I was always told I need to eat my meat to ‘grow strong and healthy’ and I obviously know now that it’s not true at all. Yes most meat is natural and contains all the good stuff we need such as iron, protein and vitamin B-12 but we don’t need meat to survive anymore, there are plenty of replacements. I’ve heard all the horror stories about people becoming ill once they become a vegetarian, lethargy, anemia, nausea, dizziness, increase in anxiety and depression, lower bone density blah blah blah. I’m not sure if those are 100%  true but I do take multi vitamins and I have been trying to eat healthier lately so I’m sure I will be hunky-dory. When I made the decision I almost cried at the thought of not eating chicken nuggets again. OMG my delicious chicken nuggets (sorry to any very serious vegetarians reading this) but my family and close friends will know how much I love chicken nuggets and I’m not gonna lie chicken nuggets were like 98% of my diet lol. However, after watching the Meat Is Murder video, chicken nuggets really don’t seem that appealing to me anymore. I spoke to one of my close friends on the phone yesterday and told her my decision on becoming a pescetarian and she literally just laughed and didn’t believe me (even more of a reason for me to take on this challenge and prove that I can do this, hehe luv u meg xx) but I honestly don’t blame her because I never ever would have imagined myself becoming a pescetarian!


The reason why I am so confident in becoming a pescetarian is because of QUORN. I’m actually so pissed off at myself for being so fussy and not trying quorn when I had the chance to because bladdy el its amazin! In my opinion it smells like real meat, tastes like real meat and the texture is like real meat. To be honest I don’t know much about quorn but for the past week I have been replacing meat with quorn and there is VERY little difference and that difference is……. one is meat and one is mycoprotein. I keep telling my Dad how amazed I am by quorn haha and I’ve even caught him cooking the quorn sausages I bought yasssss you go Dad!


Can I just say, I’m not sharing this post to be a raging, extreme vegetarian trying to get points across and I will most certainly not be preaching all over social media. I just want to share my experience with you guys, this blog is like a diary to me. I’m not sure how long this challenge will last but I am determined and confident in myself.

If you don’t know how some animals are killed and treated, there is two short videos linked below that Morrissey sometimes will play at gigs and festivals when singing Meat Is Murder. The videos that made me want to become a vegetarian. However, I do warn you! it’s pretty grim.




3 thoughts on “Making the decision to become a pescetarian

  1. I’ve always loved meat since being a small child and being a Northerner “living on a council estate”


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