The effects of social media



So, the other week I took a little break from social media as some of you may know. I did my best to try stay off Facebook,Twitter and Instagram and limited myself to just reading emails and the odd catch up on the bloggers group chat because those girls are the most supportive and wonderful gals ever, I salute you! I didn’t go full on cold turkey from social media but I definitely wasn’t on my phone for most of the day and I felt so much better for it. I somehow forgot there was a real world out there, I was constantly on my phone, not taking time to just sit down and enjoy a chat with my dad and I wasn’t putting my full concentration into anything. Soon as I woke up I would reach for my phone straight away and spend ages on it scrolling through Instagram and replying to comments. Being a blogger means you do need to be pretty much on the go with social media and posting regularly but I got a little too caught up in it all and started to feel very negative. I also found myself stressing and comparing myself to other bloggers a lot. I was questioning myself, why am I putting all my hard work into nothing and working for free? Why do I not have as many followers and engagement as this blogger when I’m working just as hard? Why does it feel like I’m getting nowhere? Why are all these other bloggers getting to do fun things and travel etc? These may seem like ridiculous questions to some but this was how I was feeling when I was spending too much time on Instagram comparing myself to other bloggers. Obviously, after my little social media break my brain was feeling refreshed and the reality is, is that everything is not how it seems on Instagram. No matter how many followers you have, how many times you go on holiday and all those pictures of us smiling and having fun, it’s not reality! Everything on Instagram is sugar-coated, no one has the perfect life, the perfect job or the perfect face, so next time you find yourself comparing, take a step back and realise it’s not all what it seems. We are all human.


Speaking of the real world, the here and now, the other week I had a little squabble with a man at a gig. I was taking a video of a band I was watching and a man behind me grabbed my arm and started shouting. Of course, at the time, I absolutely flipped. I was screaming words I must not repeat into his face and I was so angered by him. But when I got home I realised why he had done it. Don’t get me wrong, grabbing my arm was 100% out of order but the man probably just wanted to watch and enjoy the gig without all these phones right in front of his face. Baring in mind he was miniature with glasses so he must have been having a hard time trying to watch the gig anyway lol. But if he’d of asked politely, I would have totally understood and watched/enjoyed the rest of the gig without my phone. But yeah, there is good in bad because now, thanks to that man, It’s actually really nice to just be in the moment and watch the gig rather than filming the whole bloody thing! 


Jacket – Boohoo | Blouse – NAVY LONDON | Jeans – H&M | Shoes – Primark

After 4 days of waking up and reading or meditating instead of reaching for my phone, I felt so much better for myself. I realised, when I was just sat on my phone, time went by super quick and I was missing out on so much. Without my phone I was having actual me time, time to enjoy the little things.

You see people literally everywhere on their phones! On the bus, In the dentist, walking down the street… I was lucky to be a child growing up with pogo sticks and hopscotch because I see so many young kids already addicted to their phones on social media, it’s saddening. It’s like PLS GO OUT AND PLAY, GET MUCKY, COME HOME TO A NICE STEW READY FOR YOU ON THE TABLE AND TELL YOUR PARENTS HOW YOUR DAY WAS! Kids, stop worrying about how many calories you are eating, stop worrying if your nail is going to fall off, stop worrying about your eyebrows not being on fleek and please, just please stop worrying about how many likes you got on that Instagram picture.

If anyone is feeling exhausted by social media, just try have a few days off or maybe just a few hours when you need to get something done. I promise you, it will benefit you. There is a real world out there and it’s beautiful if you take the time to appreciate the little.

Starr x

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