Clarks Original Dessert Boots



Ello! How are ya? I’m still hibernating from the cold, waiting for the summer…. PLS HURRY! These images were taken back in December by the lavely Lydia Maycock but I never really got round to sharing them with you (Translation: I completely forgot I had them and they were sitting in a dusty folder all alone). But hey ho, they are now out and open to the whole wild world. Back in October, some of you Instagramers may know I went to the AllSole Live event. To those who don’t know, AllSole is an online shop with a huge range of branded shoes from Dr Martens to Michael Kors. They held an event at Red Door in Manchester for Bloggers to explore some of their favourite shoes from the AW16 collection. The event all together was so much fun with lots of prosecco, live music, nibbles and goody bags involved. I know it was a while back but I’m thinking of doing a little throw back post on the event as I have some pictures I would love to share with ya!


AllSole also kindly sent me a pair of shoes of my choice! Dr Martens were my first choice (obvs) but they didn’t have any left in stock in my size *cries* so, I decided to add another pair of dezzie boots in my life! I discovered the desert boot In my younger teen years when I started going to gigs and following fashion. I’ve always been interested in the whole 1960’s British Subculture and Dr Martens and Desert Boots were the go to footwear for punks and mods. I always remember seeing boys at gigs, even to this day with desert boots on with a turn up jean and remembering how simply smart I thought it looked. Dessert boots are one of them day-to-day shoes that are a super snug fit and so comfy. I’m a sucker when it comes to comfort especially when I’m running my errands. However, I did have to break into these and they did give my little feet grief for a few days. I went for a light grey colour so I could wear them with most casual day to day outfits, I will link the shoe below as always!


Clarks Desert Boots – AllSole | Coat – H&M (sold out ) | Top – Comme De Garcons Play | Trousers – Zara ( Sold out )

Speaking of comfy shoes, I opted for a comfy outfit also! These trousers are v v v comfy, almost like wearing pajamas. The material and fit are lovely and they are great for again, running errands or a catch up with the girls. No anxieties about wedgies or waistbands crushing your poor intestines with these babies! I love the different take on the usual green and red tartan instead, with brown, grey and black and obviously sticking with the 1960’s British subculture punk theme here. The frill hem detail on them are so cute and they’ve also got top to match the trousers which I really wanted but wasn’t feeling brave enough to take on the full on pajama look.

 I thought I would stay all matchy matchy with the grey colours so I wore my simple Comme De Garcons grey top and my favourite coat in the world… THE HUMAN TEDDY BEAR COAT. I honestly never take this off, I can’t believe I’ve not featured it in a post yet! I’m gonna leave it here before I start declaring all my love for a coat, how sad.



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