Lightening up the January blues



Hello alllll, hope you’re well. I’m currently hiding away in my favourite cafe (probs not the best place to hide haha) writing up some blog posts for you. I’m having one of them days where any socialising, communicating and talking is a no from me. I’ve got my builders brew, the tunes are on and I’m all by myself and pretty content about it, all I need now is a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and my cat . January has been so cold and there’s no sign of warmer weather anytime soon. To be honest, all I can think about is that chicken broth waiting for me at home mmmm!


I’ve been excited to share these photos with You by the very talented Joe Galvin, from a very chilly day in Manc! Yep, I’ve no coat on. I’m awful when it comes to wearing coats in cold weather, It’s something I’ve been told off for since being a child. It’s just so annoying when you have a really cute outfit on then you put this huge coat over the top and then abracadabra! the cute outfit is no longer to be seen. Basically, what I’m trying to say is I would give up my life for fashion (exaggeration over here lol lol).

Anyhow, What way to lighten up the cold Jan blues with some florals and pink hair! As some of you may know, I decided to take plunge and dye my hair pink. Something I’ve wanted to do for ages but worried I was going to look silly and that I was going to have to plan my outfits around my hair, oh the anxiety! I’m loving being a candyfloss head and it’s given me a boost of sass, I just wish it didn’t wash out so easily! If anybody has any tips to stop pink hair fading please let me know!


I’m not a fan of pink and red together but the red beret with this embroidered dress was just a match made in heaven. This dress is everything I’ve ever wanted in a dress. It’s high neck, puffy sleeves, embroidered, smock and it’s length is perfect for my short legs. I originally bought this dress for my 21st birthday outfit but it definitely didn’t get enough credit so I wanted to share it on a blog post for you. The dress can easily be dressed up for a chilly night out also, take away the beret and tights, add over the knee boots and a little clutch and you’re ready to go!


Dress – Boohoo | Beret – Pop Boutique | Earrings – Primark | Bag – Primark | Boots – Boohoo SOLD OUT (similar)

To finish off the look I wore my trusty black patent boots and a hoop earring for a lil bittta sasssss.

P.s I have finally opened a depop shop for the embroidery tees I am making! I would love for you to check it out or give the Instagram account a follow.


Instagram: @embroidered.dreams




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