Faux Fur Galore



Hello you, hope you’re braving this cold weather! I hate the cold. It gives my skin and lips so much grief that I’m literally slapping moisturiser and lip balm on all day. I’m not enjoying photo shoots in this weather either, a Rudolf runny nose is not a good look and not being able to move my fingers is a pain in the backside too. Anyway, rant about the cold over… I’ve had a really good week this week! I’ve been really productive, got everything that I’ve been putting off for ages done and applied for uni. Yep, I’ve decided that I’m going back but to study a different course and this time I’m staying in my home town Manchester, BECAUSE IT’S THE BEST. Everything about Manchester I love! the people, the cafes, the music scene and even sometimes, just sometimes I love the weather. Manchester wouldn’t be Manchester without the rain and when the tiniest bit of sun comes out we really appreciate it by taking our tops off and wearing little dresses to soak up as much sun as we can before it disappears again.


This week I was also put in The Fashion Networks Top 5 Manchester Bloggers next to the bladdy lavely Megan Ellaby and Lizzie Hadfield AND this week I was Boohoo’s Friday Muse!! Like what the hell!!? Boohoo have been one of my fave brands for years now and I did a lil squeal in exciment when they contacted me. I thought, surely this is a mistake? But nope! They asked me some fun questions and there’s and ‘Get The Look’ With Similar products from Boohoo, you can read it here

Now lets talk about this dreaaaaaamy Zebra faux fur skirt (no zebras were killed whilst making this skirt, just to put that in there guys  xo) I’ve never owned anything that’s Zebra print before, I’m more of a leopard kinda girl so I was pretty excited to receive this beauty from Lily and the Lamplight. They have a different range of animal prints in this skirt and lots of other dreamy stuff on their website, go have a nosey! The Zebra print is definitely growing on me, I think I’ll get a zebra pajama style shirt next…


Coat – Ebay (similar) | High Neck Jumper – Primark | Skirt – Lily and the Lamplight | Boots – Zara


I paired the mini skirt with a simple black high neck because am all about keeping that sixties look. The faux fur coat I’m also madly in love with and can’t seem to take it off lately, It’s my go to coat at weekend! It looks so cute with any outfit and gives it a bit of that Kate Moss sass we all need. I’ve had so many compliments when wearing this coat and the best thing about this coat is that I got it on Ebay at only £14!!! YASS £14!! I can’t seem to find the product on there anymore which I’m super sad about because I wanted it in Pink and Green also :(. To finish of my look I added the sassiest boots I own yet. The pillar box red and chunky circle zip detailing give the outfit a pop of colour and bad ass vibezzzz. 



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