New Year, just a little different me.



Hello strangers! sorry that I disappeared for a while. Today’s post is going to be a pretty delayed new years post and a pretty long one so grab a cuppa! I started the new year with a nasty cold and on top of that a hangover (new year, same old me lol). I’ve also been building my own website for something exciting which I’ll talk about later. So yeah, they are some of the reasons to why I’ve been missing lately. Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely new year and well done to those who are sticking to new years resolutions, even if it is only the 8th of January. To those who are having the January blues and don’t really have any resolutions, not to worry!! It’s quite normal for some people to feel down in the dumps and hopeless when it comes to a new year. 


I always find something really sad about the new year, like saying goodbyes but I love to think of the new year as a fresh start, more positivity, being kind to myself and setting myself goals but it doesn’t always go to plan and that’s okay! Forcing yourself to be more positive or being impatient with what you are trying to achieve (I’m guilty of this) just ends up in disappointment. I had this problem at the start of 2016 after having the worst ending of a year yet in 2015. I was going through so much shit all at once and my anxiety was so bad to the point I couldn’t have cared less if I got worse. I wouldn’t go out the house, I was questioning myself why I’m never good enough, why am I like this? I refused any help I was given but knew the only thing I needed was help. One morning I woke up and had this desperate feeling of wanting to feel better and happy. I forced myself to go out and party on weekends which was always a bad idea, I was craving attention and I forced myself to do CBT therapy for my anxiety and got so angry that I didn’t feel any better after 2 sessions! Looking back now it was all so exhausting trying to get a quick fix of happiness when all I should have done was try to stay kind to myself, be patient, stay in if I didn’t feel like going out, and realise that it’s okay to feel sad when really shitty things are happening. Heartbreak hit me the most, and at the time I felt like I was the only person in the world who was going through heartbreak. I wanted it to be over and I would ask my family and friends everyday ”when is this feeling going to go away?” and every one of them answered with ”It takes time” and it’s so true! So to those who are feeling a bit meh, don’t force yourself into things that you think you should be doing/thinking. Take small positive steps, try to be kind to yourself and remember to have patience.


Baker Boy Hat – ASOS | Blazer – Charity Shop | Shirt – Boohoo | Bag – Primark | Flares – ASOS | Boots – ASOS | Watch – JORD Wood Watches

After 2016 being a bit of a wobble but much better than the previous, I still had some amazing times! Meeting new friends, catching up with old ones, gigs/festivals, watching my blog grow so quickly, getting myself better, getting into uni! I’ve been more rational with my decision-making and stopped doubting myself. Some people thought I was a bit mad getting into and moving away for uni then dropping out after 2 months but taking a year out is what I wanted to do and it was definitely the right choice. This year I have the time to think and figure out what I want to do and not just go to uni purely because I thought that’s what you’re meant to do. I’ve also been working on a website for my online shop to be opening soon. It’s a little shop for quirky and fun embroidery T-shirts. It’s something I love making and I’ve had so much lovely feedback already! You can check out/follow the Instagram account here if ya wanna have a nosey. One of my other resolutions was to try an avocado ha! you know, healthy eating choices and all the jazz but oh my baby jesus, I almost vommed. It’s the most slimey, weirdest thing I have ever tried. I gave it to the cat and he loves it!!! I now call him the ‘avocat’. However, I have heard that you can make hair/face masks from avocado so I might try that out eh, I might be Rapunzel with flawless skin before ya know it. 

Hope this post helps anyone who is feeling a bit shitty and I wanted to end it on a positive because that’s what we need to get us through those Jan blues!

Remember, be patient.



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