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Good Morning! Last week I had the amazing opportunity to team up with Preen.Me and Dermalogica to experience face mapping, exciting! My skin sure does go through a lot for someone who struggles with anxiety, has the diet of a fussy 3-year-old (I’m not joking here haha), doesn’t always take off my make up before bed and for someone who has never really had a proper skin care routine due to products either making my sensitive skin worse or not working at all! So what a time it was to be alive when Preen.Me and Dermalogica asked me to collaborate with them! This post will take you through my journey of having my skin analysis and also product reviews.

Ok so, as you can see in the image above face mapping involves dividing the face into 14 zones which is carefully examined. The zones relate to different parts of our body for example, zones 1 and two are related to the bladder! 

Each zone on my face was carefully examined and then I was recommended products for each area that needed working on. My T zone, (areas 1,2 &3) are pretty oily. I always knew I had oily skin but I never  knew it was because of dehydration! We think that when we are dehydrated are skin would be dry right? Wrong! When our skin is dehydrated our body goes into panic mode and starts to produce more oils to try rehydrate our skin. Dehydration can be caused by many things such as not drinking enough water (I’m definitely guilty of this), not eating enough whole foods and it can be even down to those lovely radiators in our home that keep us warm this time of the year.

Areas 5&9 are related to the lungs and this is my sensitive area, so that probably explains the chesty cough I’ve just got over! This is the area that is mostly affected when I have a reaction to something also.

Areas 7&12 is where I tend to get condones (blackheads) which is pretty common in everyone!

Now areas 11,12 & 13 is where I usually break out as you can see in some of the images above. This area can indicate hormonal imbalance and stress. As I mentioned, I do sometimes struggle with anxiety and when my anxiety levels are high this is when my skin starts to break out. Area 12 also relates to the small intestine and with me eating foods that only seem to be the colour beige, my breakouts are finally starting to make sense haha! New Years resolution = eat healthier!!

Now this is where it gets even more exciting… product testing! There were a variety of products presented to me and we went through each one on how to apply them, when to use them and what they are used for. I even got to try them out myself! After testing out the products and having a lovely little face massage, which in all honestly, almost sent me to sleep! (Thanks Lauren if you ever read this haha), it was time to discuss what products were my favourite and the products that best suit my skin

I was then given my prescription sheet which provided my face mapping illustration, products that were tested on my skin and the 4 products that were recommended and will be gifted to me in collaboration.

I’ll go through the 4 products that were tried and recommended for my skin below: 

Ultra Calming Cleanser:


Ultra calming cleanser is a gentle gel that cleanses whilst calming sensitive skin. You apply the gel onto dry skin and massage in and rinse throughly or remove with a face wipe. This left my skin super smooth and clean!! 


Daily Microfoliant:


This is one of the best exfoliators I have ever tried! Having sensitive skin I wasn’t able to use those gritty exfoliators on my face. The were too harsh on my skin and would leave my skin pretty much sore and inflamed. This microfoliant is a unique rice based powder that activates upon water. You put about half a teaspoon into wet hands and massage together in circular motions. The powder and water work together and create a thick cream paste which then you massage onto dry skin and oh my lord, there was no grittiness or discomfort whatsoever! After washing the microfoiliant off my skin was left visibly clean and there was no redness on my skin.

Ultra Calming Mist:


This one is my favourite of them all. This is a mist which quickly relieves any sensitivity, redness, stinging and irritation. After spraying this on my face my skin instantly felt calmer and refreshed, this would be a perfect essential for the summer and you can even spray it over make up! Bonus.

Breakout Control:


This is an invisible treatment gel with natural antibacterial agents. You can use this on visible spots or if you feel you’re going to have a breakout, apply it on the area and this can actually prevent the breakout. The gel pretty much starts working straight away! we tried this on my breakout on the day and by the time it was time for bed I could see a visible change in the breakout area already. My favourite thing about this product is that it doesn’t dry your skin out whatsoever.

I was also kindly given some samples to take home of the other products I had tried on the day. I’m looking forward to use the Overnight Clearing Gel to see how my skin feels and looks in the morning!

I had such a fab experience and loved learning about each area of my face. I am amazed at how much I didn’t know about my own skin. Dermalogica have definitely opened my eyes and inspired me to take care of my skin and get into the habit of a daily skin care routine. After having the products tested on my skin I could instantly see a difference. My skin looked flawless and really hydrated and I wasn’t worried about getting public transport home without any make up on! My dad, who never usually notices a change in my appearance described my skin ‘like a porcelain doll’ and I can say I’m pretty happy with that. Cheers Dad! Its crazy what healthy skin can do to our confidence. SO thankyou Dermalogica!!




All products gifted to me as part of the Preen.Me v.i.p project


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