Something a little different

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Hey hey hey! hope y’all good. I now think I’m a cool urban american chic after having these photo’s took by a very talented photographer last week. You can have a little peek at his work over on his Instagram here. So, I experimented with a new style that is completely different from mine and something I would never imagine wearing but I can actually say I enjoyed mixing up some of my own clothes with a few items of urban/street style wear. The style and attitude vibes on these shots took me right back to my tomboy side when I was younger, playing on the football team in primary school and never taking my total 90’s off haha. It was actually a little difficult for me to look relaxed and tomboyish on these photos as i’m so used to looking feminine on blog photos. Lately I’ve been wanting to try something new to see if I could pull it off rather than just wearing the same old fitted T and jeans and vintage dresses. Here I have wore my striped pants from Primark which I usually wear with a white T and black blazer but instead we paired them with an over sized T and converse. I really like the lazy laid back look and it’s so effortless in a cool kinda way. To finish the look off I would have probably added a sport/bomber jacket to stick with the tomboy attire.

My next few posts will be sticking to the urban street style theme so keep an eye out if you wanna see more outfit posts like this. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed experimenting with a new style, catch you on the next one!

S x

T-shirt – Dxpe Chef | Pants – Primark | Shoes – Converse



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