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Hey guyssssss! How are ya? I’m still in a food coma from eating excessive amounts of ice cream when I got in last night whilst watching Bridget Jones’s Diary.. On my own.. This was my first valentines in a while that I had spent by myself *cries* – joking! who needs boys when I’ve got myself? #gurlpower It’s a good job I love my own company a little bit too much. However I did go for a meal in the evening with a lovely friend of mine which was really sweet but to those who spent the day with lovers I hope your day was filled with love and happiness!

ANYWAYYYY moving on from the soppy stuff, today’s post is all about Boohoo because lately it’s seriously winning my heart. Boohoo has upped their game massively the past year or so. I found myself steering away from Boohoo in the past as it used to be full of body con dresses and tacky heels (sorry boohoo) but it just wasn’t my style! Oh but now its full of treasures at amazing prices! They have sooo many seventies style clothes that I’ve had to stop myself actually going onto the website because my bank balance goes to £0.00 in minutes AND they even have free delivery after 9pm! Boohoo I love you and Happy Valentines from me ❤

Ok so a few weeks ago I ended up spending most of my evening on Boohoo sifting through the sales, I had found so many bargains that I just couldn’t resist. I have decided to show you an outfit that I put together with some of the pieces I had bought.



Taa daaaaa! minus the bag and coat I got this outfit for around £25, how amazing!? Thank god for sales. Starting with my absolute favourite piece of this outfit, the jumper! I was so lucky as there was only a few left and with only a medium size, so I decided to take a risk for this gem and buy it anyway and it fits perfectly! This jumper just screams the 70’s in my face, the colour and pattern remind me of a 70’s curtain that my Nan probably would of had in her living room back in the 70’s. I love how it can be worn as a T shirt for cooler days or layered underneath for the colder days, basically it’s not too thin or too thick! What I also love about this jumper is that it goes with mostly everything!! wear it with a mini or midi skirt, a pinafore,  skinny/mom/loose fit/flared/cropped jeans (basically any style of jeans) or even throw on a pair of dungarees on top. Then you are a 70’s style queen ready to go without the effort!

I paired my jumper with some brown petite corduroy flares. I got these for £10 which is an amazing bargain and they do look lovely but when they arrived I saw that the cord wasn’t as stiff and as textured as I wanted it to be and after trying them on I was even more disappointed. The fit was terrible. Partly it was my fault for thinking I was Kate Moss and ordering a size UK 4 but then I did order the next size up (UK 6) which is my usual size and I still wasn’t happy with the fit. As you can see on the pictures the leg is a bit too short and they are also a little too tight around my thighs so the material started to gather and crease. So if you do decide to buy these flares I recommend you buy the next size up. Apart from the fit they are a really gorgeous pair of trousers and i’ll definitely be keeping them. You can buy these flares over at my Depop

Boots boots boots! my collection of pointy heeled boots is getting a bit out of hand now. I already had a pair of black pointy boots so why did I need another? BECAUSE THEY ARE SUEDE! (and cheap) that’s why. Suede, pointy, black and heeled? now that’s my thang. Because they are black you can literally wear these boots with anything and they are super comfy! I’s a big thumbs up from me Boohoo 🙂

I added the sheepskin coat and bag because I thought they matched really nicely with the 70’s vibes. For accessories I wore a gorgeous bohemian necklace from Mobs and Monsters, you can find their shop here. They kindly enough sent me some goodies to model and I am so happy with them! I feel i’m in dreamy bohemian necklace heaven every time I wear them.


That’s it for today my lovers, hope you enjoy.

See you on the next post.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Starr x


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